Dr. Demiral Akbar

Middle East Technical Univ

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Area of Expertise: Plasma Physics, Laser and Optics, THz-TDS and plasma discharge, Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES), Surface Modification (Polymer, Fiber Carbon), Plasma Diagnostics
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I have built various systems which are related to these matters. For example, recently I have built and studied Single and Dual High Frequency RF Capacitively Coupled Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and its application to surface modifications of various substances, e.g. Carbon Fiber and Polymers.

Before my recent faculty appointment to the University of Cankiri- Turkey (2010-2011) as an assistant professor and then as a visiting scientist to the University of Wisconsin – Madison (2011- present), for the last two years I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Physics department at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. I worked there specifically on the development of plasma systems and its applications in semiconductor material processing (solar cells) (e.g. PECVD). In addition, I also worked on the development of a "High Power Diode Pump Solid State Laser" from 2006-2007 as a research associate in a nationally funded project. I am also in collaboration with researcher group from METU on the development of "Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy system" since February 2008. A compact Terahertz (THz)-Time Domain Spectrometer was developed. By using this technique, THz-plasma spectroscopy was investigated for a DC glow discharge for different gasses. . In addition, since 2008-2009 I worked with high energy physic groups in Middle East Technical University on the development and study of the neutrino physics and dark matter with dedicated detector and DAQ (Data Acquisition) systems at low energy and low background experiments. Recently, at the university of Wisconsin, I am working on the effects of plasma discharge (ECR, CCP and ICP) damages on low-k dielectric materials (SiO2 and SiCOH) and compare it with VUV exposure at Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC) - Madison. At the same time, I am working in optical emission spectroscopy (OES) technique to investigate chemical gas reactions under plasma discharge conditions.
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