Stoltzmann, David E.

Mr. David E. Stoltzmann

Optical Engineering of Minnesota

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Area of Expertise: Optical Design, Optical Testing
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Dave Stoltzmann is the owner of Optical Engineering of Minnesota (OEM), founded twenty-four years ago as an optical design consulting firm. Each year over 20 companies use OEM for its design and testing services. Highlights of OEM's capabilities are the optical systems used for Homeland Security, including biometric scanners from single fingers to full palms. Other recent projects include binocular magnifiers for the medical industry, laser cytometry optics, helmet-mounted displays and sensing systems, night-vision optical designs, and telecentric machine-vision objectives for high-accuracy measurements of PCBs. OEM provides a complete package from initial design concepts all the way through to working with vendors to make the elements or lens assemblies the best possible performers at the lowest cost. We have been designing optical systems for 40 years and always enjoy the next challenging opportunity. Currently we have 18 publications and six patents.
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