Gonzalez, David C.

Mr. David C. Gonzalez


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I graduated from High School in 1999 and the following Fall I began my BSEE study at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Received a BSEE in 2004 from UCSD and proceeded to work many odd jobs for the following 9 years. In 2012 I was accepted to the PhD EE program at UC Santa Cruz. Due to a lack of funds enrollment was deferred a year. On March 11, 2013 I was involved in a vehicular collision where I suffered various 2nd degree burns due to being inside of a burning car. The settlement from this collision and the Google Scholars/Hispanic Scholarship Fund Award I was awarded a few months later helped fund my two years at UCSC. During my second year (2014-2015) at UCSC I worked for two quarters as a Teacher's Assistant for EE101L. This is the first upper division circuits course many students are exposed to at UCSC. Due to insufficient funds I decided to solely pursue the MSEE and hope to soon graduate. My studies at UCSC have centered on Nanotechnology, Plasmonics and Optics.

During the odd jobs period I began creating custom videos using Scilab/Matlab and Cinelerra/Final Cut Pro which merged the Fourier Spectra of audio recordings and images/videos.
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