Shannon, David C.

Dr. David C. Shannon


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Area of Expertise: Engineering Management, Scientific Research, Systems Engineering, New Product Introduction, Technical Analysis & Simulation, Lasers, Light sources, & Opto-electronics
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Product Development, Engineering Management & Research
Leading highly technical departments/teams to create new products that matter

Effective high-level driver of new products that support strategic and/or profitability goals; work smoothly with executive management to insure alignment on all aspects of new product initiatives prior to significant investment; adapt quickly between schedule and cost-driven approaches; and build motivated teams of highly technical/specialized professionals. Strong research skillset in Opto-electronics: proof of concept demonstrations, Journal paper writing, conference presentations, Analysis.

Effusive & engaging, technically strong, honest, and collaborative. A reputation for an exceptional ability to creatively parse complex problems into bite-sized action steps. Documented technical abilities and experience with honing the “interface” between Engineering and other departments. Very effective at communicating & motivating at all levels of the Company. A passion for developing high-tech products that answer a real need.

Specific strengths:
• Engineering Management
• Scientific Research
• Systems Engineering
• Team building
• New Product Introduction
• Strategic planning
• Corporate presentations
• Project management & process
• Technical analysis & simulation
• Oral presentations / Proposals
• Patents/IP
• Lasers, LED’s, & Optics

Leadership and Style:
• Respectful & honest
• Open & collaborative
• Strong communicator
• Careful listener
• Goal oriented
• Relationship building
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