Dorantes-Gonzalez, Dante Jorge J.

Prof. Dante Jorge J. Dorantes-Gonzalez

Tianjin Univ

Area of Expertise: Laser ultrasonics, Laser-generated surface acoustic waves, Non-invasive characterization of mechanical properties, Manufacturing automation, Engineering Education
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Brief Biographical History:
• 2008-to date, Professor, College of Precision Instruments and Optoelectronic Engineering, Tianjin University, China
• 2005-2007, Director, Innovation Center, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico
• 2000-2005, Director, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico
• 1998-2000, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico
• 1994-1998, Ph.D., Manufacturing Systems, Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, Russia

Main Works:
• "Improving the Accuracy of the Transient Plane Source Method by Correcting Probe Heat Capacity and Resistance Influences", IOP Measurement Science and Technology Journal 25 015006, 7pp, 2014.
• "Laser-Generated Surface Acoustic Wave Technique for Crack Monitoring – A Review", Int. Journal of Automation Technology V7, N2, pp. 211-220, 2013.
• “A Four-Quadrant PVDF Transducer for Surface Acoustic,” Sensors, Vol. 12, pp. 10500-10510, 2012.
• “An Integrated Laser-induced PZT/DC SAW System for Thin Film Young's Modulus Measurement,” Sensors, Vol. 12, pp. 12208-12219, 2012.
• “A Differential Confocal LG/LD SAW Detection System to Determine Mechanical Properties of Layered Thin Films,” Int. Journal of Nanomanufacturing, Vol.7, pp. 311-326, 2011.

Membership in Academic Societies:
• Founding Member of the Mexican Association of Mechatronics
• SME–IEEE, Mechatronics, and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
• IEEE, Robotics & Automation, and Education
• Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Automation Technology
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