Ms. Dana L. Church

Senior Consulting Engineer

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My capacity to deliver multidisciplinary, working products is demonstrable in my 12+ years at TeoSys leading projects, designing embedded automation and instrumentation for the global deployment, installation and maintenance of over 50 customized laser micromachining systems.

I co-developed the world's smallest portable Excimer laser system and fully designed all of its software using my 20+ years implementing complex embedded firmware and GUI software for instrumentation and manufacturing automation systems. Because of my laser system’s exclusive design, I was featured on the cover of the June 2003 edition of "Design News" and in the Galil "Smart Moves" for one of the 12 best utilization of their motion controllers for 2004.

My development of scientifically complex applications such as active noise signal acquisition and cancellation, state of the art optical-based particle counting, 300ms hole diameter measurement, 100% feature identification via machine vision, automatic transparent surface tracking and data logging via optical sensors, analog sensor data logging, proximity sensor laser triggering system and a custom GUI for automated laser diamond marking accentuates my proven track record of successful embedded development on PCs and at the chip level, enabled me to invent and copyright three unique applications some of which are being copied by others for their unsurpassed functionality.

Creation of four patentable types of instrumentation not available on the market using innovative and forward thinking hardware and algorithm design that is unique to the average software engineer in my usage of software controlled stepper and servo motors, digital & analog IO, encoders, solenoids, switches, sensors, keyboards, LCDs, printers, timer counters, data loggers, measurement systems, frame grabbers, cameras, machine vision, PLCs, lasers, photo-detectors, photo-diodes, RS-232/422/485, lasers, optics and motion systems.
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