Becerril, Carlos

Mr. Carlos Becerril

Research Associate
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

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Besides having an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Photonics, what truly sets me apart is my five years work experience within multiple fields of research in both academia and in industry.

• Semiconductor industry. Testing and characterization of laser systems utilized in semiconductor photolithography and silicon annealing. Fabrication and characterization of thin-film devices.
• Power Generation and Heavy industrial manufacturing. High power distributions and industrial automation and control (PLC) in heavy industry and city utilities.
• Aerospace, Astronomy. Design and integration of a capacitive touch-screen for a flight simulator. Docent at the Mount Palomar, Hale Telescope.
• Academic Research. Development of a proof-of-concept for a novel approach towards a true 3-D display. Conducted a theoretical, First-Principal study of the feasibility of synthesizing the Silicon counterpart to Graphene, Silicene. Design and testing of Seismology Instrumentation used in deep sea research.
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