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Ms. Ashley Mentesana

Marketing Coordinator
Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics Inc

Area of Expertise: Laser & Laser Supplies, Computer Software & Hardware, Photographic Equipment & Imaging Services
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Based in Rochester NY, Caliber I.D. is a medical technologies company that designs, develops, and markets innovative imaging solutions that show tissue at the cellular level.

Caliber I.D. is currently the only company in the world to offer FDA cleared reflectance in-vivo confocal microscopes designed specifically for imaging skin. Caliber I.D.'s technology enables scientists and physicians to characterize intact normal and abnormal cellular architecture that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

After more than 15 years of research and development by teams in the U.S., Caliber I.D. developed the VivaScopeĀ® System, a robust suite of imaging products.
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