Zhang, Bosheng

Dr. Bosheng Zhang

Research Scientist
KLA Corp

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Area of Expertise: EUV/X-ray, laser(DPSS, femtosecond), optics, imaging/microscopy, nano-fabrication, programming(LabVIEW/C++/MatLab/Python)
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• Ph.D. (expected in Jan 2015) in Physics, specialized in innovative tabletop coherent EUV/X-ray imaging, for fast, widefield and high resolution (down to 22 nm) nano-imaging applications including metrology/defect
• Demonstrated achievement with 9 publications and 1 pending patent; Spearheaded the full life cycle of challenging projects, including strategic planning, modeling/simulating, designing, hardware purchasing & machining, system constructing, data acquisition & processing software development, and reporting
• 6 years’ hands-on lab experience of designing/constructing complex optical/imaging systems, and operating various lasers (DPSS/femtosecond); Familiar with opto-mechanics, eletro-optics, polarization, stages, detectors
• Proficient in using/testing/programming CMOS/CCD sensors; Experienced in building a modular EUV/X-ray camera; Hobbyist of commercial DSLR and Kinect 3D motion sensing cameras
• Proficient in optical system modeling & beam propagation simulation; Knowledge of ZEMAX modeling/design
• Experienced in lithography (photo- or e-beam) and other clean room fabrication; Other hardware skills: machining, electronics, gas/vacuum, temperature control, analytical instruments (SEM/AFM, optical microscope, XRD, ellipsometer/profilometer/interferometer), laser characterization (spectrum, mode, wavefront, pointing stability)
• Solid knowledge of general physics/optics, lasers, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy, diffraction/scatterometry
• Proficient in test/data acquisition automating, UI design with LabVIEW and procedure development
• 5 years’ image processing (filtering, remapping, masking, HDR combining) & data analysis experience with C++/MatLab/Python, and high performance computing/large data sets processing with parallel/GPU computing
• Collaborated with Intel and Samsung to promote technology transfer of laboratory diffractive nano-imaging for industry metrology/defect inspection applications; Familiar with semiconductor industry
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