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Solterra Renewable Technologies Inc

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Area of Expertise: electo-optic design, sensory processes, photometry, nanotechnology, Quantum dots
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Dr. Glass' experience includes running Scientific and Engineering teams at major industries including NIST (U.S. Dept. of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology's- Photometry Division- he was chief of Illumination & Photometry standards development). At Lockheed, he was in charge of Advanced Development for Space Station.  He specialized in working with the astronauts on developing hardware for space walks (EVA missions). He and his team developed NASA 3000, the first hardware standard ever developed for NASA. He worked with Rotary Rocket on the design of hardware for their private space program.

At Xerox as part of the Strategic Business Office, he led the design of their new graphic “human” interface and later Apple he led the development of a new software graphic interface designed to make computers usable by the masses. 
At Sun Microsysystems, he was was Director of Solaris engineering and later responsible for developing long-term vision and strategy for Sun’s Solaris product and leveraged Business units to produce products for the future. Later he became one of the leading technologists (Director of Science) focussing on nanotechnology. 

No stranger to the startup world his first startup company was started in 1981 in the area of secure videoconferencing and  satellite systems and  still exists today. Through his consulting firm, he has served as CEO,CTO and VP of R&D for a variety of hardware and software companies.  Dr. Glass is recognized as a leading technologist and technical entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and is frequently called upon as an advisor.   He previously served with the National Academy of Science as a postdoctoral advisor and committee member and as an advisor to MIT, Georgia Tech. and Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, as well as the government's Standards representative on a variety of Standards Committees. He's a Fellow of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center.
He is best known for his predictions of a changed world built on nanotechnolo
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