Dr. Asmita Dani

RF Staff Design Engineer
Infineon Technologies Americas

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Area of Expertise: Nanophotonics and optics, Remote sensing systems and applications, Solid state device physics, Microwave and Millimeter wave circuits and systems, Microfabrication of devices and integrated circuits, Aerospace instruments and systems
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I am currently working as an RF Staff Design engineer leading the LDMOS technology development platform at Infineon technologies Americas situated in Morgan Hill, CA. I am also a reviewer for IEEE MTT digest.
I have a Ph.D. in Electromagnetics with focus on RF/Microwave circuits and systems from University of Colorado Boulder.
Specialization in complex highly efficient and linear transmitter architectures using GaN technology.
Performed research in S to X band integrated circuit design, Microwave monolithic integrated circuits, Nano structure device fabrication, plasma structures and medical tissue signature detection.
Other course projects involve:
Research study on LIDAR design using multi-wavelength polarization to detect volcanic ash particles.
Research study and analysis of implantable medical antennas in devices.
MMIC designs for various transmitter and receiver components at S and X band (sub-harmonic mixer, Low noise amplifier, oscillator, power amplifier).
Mathematical modeling of optical properties for silver and gold nanospheres to understand the negative index of refraction in materials such as glass.
Fluorescence measurements using integration sphere and optics for prostate cancer tissues in UV light.

I hold 6 publications with IEEE as the first author with one journal article in the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Transactions (MTT). I have several conference papers in esteemed international Microwave conferences such as IMS and European Microwave Symposium (EuMC). I was nominated for best paper prize at the EuMC 2013. I have also given talks on my Ph.D. research thesis at the GaN Power amplifiers workshop held at IMS 2014 in Tampa, FL along with other talks at Power amplifier symposium at UCSD and UNSI-URSI in Boulder, CO.

My main interests include but not limited to research in high frequency micro and millimeter wave along with nano electronic circuits and systems for applications in aerospace, medicine, communications and defense
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