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Andrew F. Carter

Carter Concepts Inc

Area of Expertise: Knowledge Creation and Management, Integrated Operations and Intelligence Production, Quality Control Processes and Application, Hi-Dimensional Intelligence Fusion Innovation, Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED), All Source Intelligence Analysis Mentorship
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All Source Intelligence Technician (350B/F), retired in 2006 as Senior Analyst at 1st Information Operations Command, then led development of analytic teams and production as senior analyst and contract project lead for Counter IED Operations and Intelligence Integration Center (COIC) under Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) until August 2012. Guided the development of analytic teams, production processes, knowledge creation, and quality enhancement in a rapid response and assertive environment from initial organizational development through full operational capability (FOC) and organizational maturity. Involved in production of over 100,000 tailored responses to warfighter requests for support from two theaters of war as author, senior analyst, mentor, reviewer, and subject matter expert (SME) in intelligence, IEDs, the COIC, the Intelligence Community, and production and quality control processes. Envisioned, designed, and developed innovative approaches to integration of intelligence knowledge through multiple software vehicles adopted for use in production process.

Engaged in development of new approaches to fusion of high-dimensional intelligence. High-dimensional intelligence refers to my approach to incorporate intelligence reporting insights that traditional methods of analysis omit, disregard, or which are discarded due to the limitations of current intelligence handling methods, human analyst constraints, or which are not perceived due to the bulk and complexity of the intelligence information environment.

Currently on a professional hiatus to produce manual that describes and instructs the Patterns and Anomalies Detection (PAD) process (copyright 2005). PAD is a methodology that supports the transformation of qualitative and semantic information into discrete data that is quantified and consistent. PAD supports hypothesis development and testing, and the insights drawn from PAD are applicable to large data repositories.
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