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Dr. Amilcar Amilcar Santamaria

Photonics and RF Semiconductor Engineer

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Area of Expertise: Photonics, Semiconductor Processing, Advanced characterization of S/C, Nonlinear Optics, Photo lithography, Laser, optoelectronics, Opt. fiber.
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Nonlinear Optical Communications: I designed, built, and fine tuned a system to generate Ultra
Short pulses with a semiconductor laser that operates in the C-band of optical fiber transmission
l = 1550 nm. The generator was optically aligned using S/C laser emitting at l = 650 nm.

Antenna & RF: I have extensively designed and simulated various types of transmission lines, patch
and microstrip antennas; optimized their matching network and radiation pattern selectivity.

Semiconductor & MEMS: I characterized semiconductors by ellipsometry, capacitance-voltage
probe station, Angstrom meter, FTIR, Raman, X ray diff, SEM, AFM and more. Deep reactive ion
etching on silicon and on diamond, under plasma and SF6, to build diamond membranes.

Thin Films: I optimized the operation performance of a deposition system of plasma enhanced
reactive sputtering (RF:13.8 MHz) to assure the highest quality of deposited AlN thin films. I
modified its diffusion pump heater. Tuned the matching network to maximize forward RF power
and minimize the reflected RF power.

Planar Lightwave Circuit: I analyzed, simulated, designed and fabricated a novel optical
waveguide with a core based on amorphous aluminum nitride of Group III-V semiconductors.
Developed and tuned processing methods to deposit Aluminum Nitride, AlN, on various wafer
substrates to meet design specific performance requirements of device.

Nano-lithography: I developed and designed mask layouts for pattern transferring on wafer, by
using a self developed and adjusted a photo lithographic process. Contact Printing on photo resist
with mask aligner. Feature miniaturization down to 10 nm with first stage reduction camera.
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