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Dr. Amarnauth Singh

Director of Technology (Membrane Research)

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Global Membrane Research - R&D
Selected and promoted into new corporate role based upon innovation leadership and strategic responsibility to define, communicate, advocate, and champion open innovation, intellectual property, and technology development which accelerate and expand markets.
Charged with leading global research & development efforts to position new research technologies for competitive growth. Built and led the technical research team of scientists, engineers, and technicians in developing new porous structure materials.
Manage all aspects of Global R&D activities leading to commercialization of technologies and filtration products.
Successes & Achievements:
 Successfully drive multi-business and multi-platform innovations. Established relationships with multiple Industries and reputed University to develop technology for a new structural-based filtration technology. Led key multi-platform technology development projects that result in multiple product commercialization .
 Enhanced and led team in developing more than 30+ new products for specific applications, 60 + invention that resulted in 10+ patent filings.
• Lead Global Membrane Platform and Technology R&D effort developing new chemistry and technology
platform resulting in enhance membrane performance meeting application requirement with various LOB.
• Development include membrane formation and technology development utilizing most polymer matrix while specialize in Nylon, Sulfone family, PVDF, PE, PTFE and Cellulose type.
• Directly responsible for all membrane formulation and development for majority of Industrial application specifically Micro E - Lithography and chemical application, Display, Water, including Life Science application such as Biopharm and Diagnostic..
• Responsible for direct reports at various geographical location in US and Asia
• Budget planning for Fiscal year activities.
• Strategic Organizational and top level project planning.
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