Coskun, Ahmet F.

Personal Website
Personal Website

Dr. Ahmet F. Coskun

Research Scientist at Caltech

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Area of Expertise: Lensfree/Lensless Imaging, Computational Imaging, Super Resolution Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy, Point of Care Diagnostics, Genome Analysis
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Ahmet Faruk Coskun received his BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Koc University, Turkey and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering (Major) and Chemistry and Biochemistry (Minor) from University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA). He received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at UCLA, where he conducted research in Biophotonics Lab under the supervision of Prof. Aydogan Ozcan. His main areas of research are wide-field on-chip imaging and high resolution microscopy for biomedical applications. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 peer reviewed research articles in major journals and conferences.

He is a member of OSA (Optical Society of America), SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering), IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) and BMES(The Biomedical Engineering Society). He was also the founding president of SPIE Student Chapter, and the founding vice-president of OSA Student Chapter at UCLA.

Selected Publications

“Wide field-of-view lens-free fluorescent imaging on a chip,” Lab on a Chip, 10, 824 (2010)
“Lensless wide-field fluorescent imaging on a chip using compressive decoding of sparse objects,” Opt. Express, 18, 10510-10523 (2010)
“Lensfree Fluorescent On-Chip Imaging of Transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans Over an Ultra-Wide Field-of-View,” PLoS ONE 6, e15955 (2011)
"Imaging without lenses: achievements and remaining challenges of wide- field on-chip microscopy,” Nature Methods, 9, 889–895 (2012)
“Wide-field optical detection of nano-particles using on-chip microscopy and self-assembled nano-lenses, ” Nature Photonics, 7, 247-254 (2013)
"Increased space-bandwidth product in pixel super-resolved lensfree on-chip microscopy,” Nature Scientific Reports, 3, 1717 (2013)
“A personalized food allergen testing platform on a cellphone, ” Lab on a Chip, 13, 636-640 (2012)

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