San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California, United States
19 - 23 August 2018
Conference OP500
Optics and Photonics for Information Processing XII
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Abstract Due:
7 February 2018

Author Notification:
16 April 2018

Manuscript Due Date:
25 July 2018

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Call for
This conference is intended to provide a forum for interchange on various algorithms, systems, sensors, and architectures for novel applications in optics and photonics in information processing. Original unpublished contributions reporting recent advances in analog and hybrid optical information systems and techniques are solicited. In addition, papers related to teaching of related topics to the students or tutorials reviewing a particular field from the following list are welcome. All abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee for originality and merit. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • optical encryption, information security, security of digitally stored medium
  • optical pattern recognition, devices, optical correlation hardware, nonlinear techniques for pattern recognition
  • nonlinear, neural networks algorithms, including deep learning networks
  • novel transforms for optical imaging systems, including wavelets transforms
  • optical image processing algorithms
  • task-specific information for pattern recognition
  • algorithms for large scale data (Big Data) processing
  • algorithms for data processing on wearable devices
  • adaptive algorithms for optical image restoration and enhancement
  • algorithms for 3D object digitization.
New architecture and systems
  • quantum computing and optical information processing
  • spatial light modulators (SLMs), photorefractive materials for optical information systems
  • holographic techniques in information processing, and information display systems
  • optical storage/memory systems for information processing
  • optical systems for 3D pattern recognition, 3D imaging, and Big Data image processing
  • applications of novel optical materials for information processing
  • novel diffractive optics structures and devices
  • nano photonics for optical computing
  • calibration of optical systems.
Optical switching and interconnects
  • optical interconnects and supercomputing
  • optics in server architecture
  • waveguide, optical-fiber-based, polarization, and intensity switching, optical limit switches, optical multiplexing
  • interconnection networks: fiber optic, free-space, massively parallel optical interconnections, static and reconfigurable interconnects, optical backplanes and VCSEL and VLSI
  • implementation of interconnects
  • optical back bones for conventional computers, optical/hybrid interconnects for electronic computers.
Digital optical processing
  • multi-valued logic, linear algebra processor, system demonstrations, fault-tolerant computing, optical logic and memory
  • holographic memory-based computing, integrated optics, and soliton-based and semiconductor devices for optical computing
  • modeling of holographic elements, joint optimization
  • computational sensing, computational imaging for Big Data processing
  • digital holography applications.
Applications in biophotonics
  • optical processing for biophotonics
  • applications of optical systems to information security
  • optical systems for biometrics sensing and recognition.
Image forming and processing applications
  • imaging: 2D, 3D, integral, holographic, optical, digital, polarimetric
  • novel x-ray-based image processing, algorithms and systems, noise processing, applications in medical, EUV, modeling, etc.
  • image processing of optical images for large scale systems such as laser fusion facilities, applications in optical alignment, optics inspection, off-normal detection
  • optical systems and algorithms for Big Data SAR/IR/visible/medical image processing and recognition.
Parallel digital computing architecture
  • high-speed digital computation circuitry for Big Data
  • application of FPGAs in optical data processing
  • signed-digit based computing
  • memristor-based computing.
Optical information processing around the globe
  • review of optical information processing research over decades in different countries around the globe.
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