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Temperature sensor for monitoring of hot spots in integrated circuits

A physical analytical model has been developed for a novel graphene-nanoribbon-based device.

Quantum dots exhibit a measurable rapid photoluminescence response to neuron-like electric fields and can thus be used to observe neuronal action potentials.
27 April 2016
A simple and robust core-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier enables efficient stimulated Brillouin scattering mitigation and excellent beam quality.
26 April 2016
DNA can align liquid crystal molecules, providing a convenient and inexpensive template for the fabrication of new LCD devices.
25 April 2016
Functionalizing metal oxides with heterojunction nanostructures improves optical absorption and charge carrier mobility and reduces electron–hole recombination for photoelectrochemical water splitting.
22 April 2016
A novel low-cost scanning microscope enables robust, scalable imaging for microfluidic systems and photonic integrated circuits.
22 April 2016
Michael Mertin to step down from Photonics21
Two-term president to depart in November 2016, leaving detailed to-do list for successor.
3 May 2016
UV partners develop LED technology to trap mosquitoes
Seoul Viosys and SETi violeds devise system that could limit spread of Zika virus.
3 May 2016
Coherent sees continued surge in laser orders
Transition from LCD to organic LED displays drives majority of $500M bookings figure posted in latest quarter.
3 May 2016
John Ballato: Fiber materials bring new capabilities to lasers

Princeton Infrared Technologies