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Multimedia presentations: SPIE Advanced Lithography 2017

Plenary talks and keynote presentations drew capacity crowds at the world's premier lithography event.

A tactile display that enables stimulus localization, based on a 240Hz electrostatic force generated by the beat phenomenon, can present tactile sensations to multiple users.
28 March 2017
Enhanced rates of energetic photons are generated above the thermal emission limit in a hybrid thermal-photoluminescent device, which has an efficiency of about 70 at moderate operating temperatures.
27 March 2017
Hybrid-material optical fibers that enable supercontinuum generation show potential for application in widely tunable broadband light sources.
24 March 2017
Freestanding diamond nanostructures are etched from a bulk diamond substrate and integrated with evanescently coupled superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors.
23 March 2017
Photonics21's #next_photonics.forum opens in Brussels
Welcome from new president Aldo Kamper and €5,000 Student Award for VUB-developed food-spectroscopy innovation.
29 March 2017
Mortar melted in UK laser weapon test
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory hoping to deliver demonstrator system by 2019.
29 March 2017
OFC 2017: launches, talks reflect 'escalating growth'
Los Angeles expo showcases latest developments in silicon photonics, 5G networking and Internet of Things.
29 March 2017
Teledyne completes £627M e2v takeover
Deal announced in December 2016 sees the UK imaging sensor maker become part of the larger US operation.
28 March 2017
Novel nanosensor promises more accurate brain mapping
Fluorescence imaging reveals details of potassium ion activity within the brain.
28 March 2017
Josh Holly: Involvement in public policy key for optics and photonics industry