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Top Notch Research: October 2008 Edition

Most frequently downloaded SPIE papers and articles.

The SPIE Digital Library and the SPIE Newsroom are two great sources for photonics research.

Using the most recent data available, here is a selection of the most frequently read articles on the Newsroom.

SPIE Newsroom September 2008

1. "Toward textile-based solar cells," by Max Shtein. 

2. "Passive millimeter wave imagers for safety and security," by Neil Salmon.

3. "Photonic nanostructures help monitor water quality," by Mikhail Vasiliev and Kamal Alameh.

4. "Improving the performance of organic light-emitting diodes," by Sheng-Yuan Chu, Po-Ching Kao, Hsin-Hsuan Huang, Chieh-Chih Sun, and Yu-Cheng Chen.

5. "A low-cost alternative to terahertz imaging for security and defense applications," by Geoff Diamond.

6. "Silicon nanowires for solar photovoltaic applications," by Gang Chen and Lu Hu.

7. "Raman leaves no hiding place for liquid explosives," by Siân Harris.

8. "Nature limits the performance of optical devices," by Mark G. Kuzyk and Mark C. Kuzyk.

9. "Far-field superlens imaging at visible wavelengths," by Yi Xiong, Zhaowei Liu, and Xiang Zhang.

10. "Diagnostic photomedicine: probing biological tissues with polarized light," by Alex Vitkin, Nirmalya Ghosh, and Michael F. G. Wood.