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Top Notch Research: July 2008 Edition

Most frequently downloaded SPIE papers and articles.

The SPIE Digital Library and the SPIE Newsroom are two great sources for photonics research. Using the most recent data available, here is a selection of the most frequently downloaded papers on the Digital Library and the most read articles on the Newsroom.

SPIE Newsroom June 2008

1. "Novel industrial approaches in solar-cell production," by Aart Schoonderbeek and Andreas Ostendorf. 

2. "Lighting up polymer LEDs through nanotechnology," by Jian Wang, Qiaoli Niu, Yan Zhou, Lei Wang, Junbiao Peng, Jian Pei, and Yong Cao.

3. "Novel method for remotely detecting explosives," by Charles Wynn, Brian Edwards, Rod Kunz, John Zayhowski, Stephen Palmacci, and Mordechai Rothschild. 

4. "Novel laser sources for large-venue projection markets," by Michael Jansen. 

5. "Highly efficient and ultra small Bragg mirrors," by Philippe Lalanne.

6. "Designing nanostructures with optimized surface-enhanced Raman scattering behavior," by Matthew J. Banholzer, Jill E. Millstone, Lidong Qin, and Chad A. Mirkin. 

7. "Point-of-care optical imaging and guidance for breast cancer surgery," by Stephen Boppart. 

8. "Developing the next generation of passive infrared security sensors," by Kevin Liddiard. 

9. "Measuring baggage screener performance using 3D fictitious threat images," by Douglas Abraham and Yesna Yildiz. 

10. "A next-generation system enables persistent surveillance of wide areas," by Brian Leininger. 

SPIE Digital Library April 2008

1. "Four-mirror anastigmats, part 2: systems with useful first-order layouts and minimum complexity," by Andrew Rakich, Opt. Eng. 47, 033002 (2008).

2. "Four-mirror anastigmats, part 3: all-spherical systems with elements larger than the entrance pupil," by Andrew Rakich, Opt. Eng. 47, 033003 (2008).

3. "Toward 3nm overlay and critical dimension uniformity: an integrated error budget for double patterning lithography," by William H. Arnold, Proc. SPIE 6924, 692404 (2008).

4. "An advanced missile warning processing suite," by Joel B. Montgomery, Richard B. Sanderson, John F. McCalmont, R. S. Johnson, D. J. McDermott, and M. J. Taylor, Proc. SPIE 6969, 696902 (2008).

5. "Vectorial imaging of deep subwavelength mask features in high NA ArF lithography," by Wen-Hao Cheng, Jeff Farnsworth, and Theodore Bloomstein, J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 7, 013001 (2008).

6. "Assessment of sea slope statistical models using a detailed micro-facet BRDF and upwelling radiance measurements," by Vincent Ross and Denis Dion, Proc. SPIE 5572, 112 (2004).

7. "Raman microspectroscopy for skin cancer detection in vitro," by
Chad A. Lieber, Shovan K. Majumder, Dean Billheimer, Darrel L. Ellis, and Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
J. Biomed. Opt. 13, 024013 (2008).

8. "Interactions of double patterning technology with wafer processing, OPC and design flows," by Kevin Lucas, Chris Cork, Alex Miloslavsky, Gerry Luk-Pat, Levi Barnes, John Hapli, John Lewellen, Greg Rollins, Vincent Wiaux, and Staf Verhaegen, Proc. SPIE 6924, 692403 (2008).

9. "Optimization of extreme ultraviolet mirror systems comprising high-order aspheric surfaces," by Oana Marinescu and Florian Bociort, Opt. Eng. 47, 033004 (2008).

10. "Distributed disturbance sensor based on a novel Mach-Zehnder interferometer with a fiber-loop," by Qizhen Sun, Deming Liu, Hairong Liu, Yi He, and Junguo Yuan, Proc. SPIE 6344, 63440K (2006).