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Top Notch Research: December 2007 Edition

Provided here is a list of the most frequently downloaded SPIE papers and articles.

The SPIE Digital Library and the SPIE Newsroom are two great sources for photonics research. Using the most recent data available (1 September through 30 September), here is a selection of the most frequently downloaded papers on the Digital Library and the most read articles on the Newsroom.

"Three-dimensional nonlinear optical endoscopy," Ling Fu, Ankur Jain, Charles Cranfield, Huikai Xie, and Min Gu J. Biomed. Opt. 12, 040501 (2007).

"Optical design and salient features of an objective for a firefighting camera," Ranabir Mandal and Ikbal Singh Opt. Eng. 46, 083001 (2007).

"Sensitive biosensor array using surface plasmon resonance on metallic nanoslits," Kuang-Li Lee, Chia-Wei Lee, Way-Seen Wang, and Pei-Kuen Wei J. Biomed. Opt. 12, 044023 (2007). 

"All-optical wavelength conversion for polarization shift keying signal based on four-wave mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier," Liuyan Han, He Wen, Hanyi Zhang, and Yili Guo Opt. Eng. 46, 090501 (2007).

"Development of COIL with chemically generated atomic iodine," Miroslav Censký, Otomar Špalek, Vít Jirásek, Jarmila Kodymová, and Ivo Jakubec Proc. SPIE 6611, 661102 (2007).

"New retroreflector technology for light-collecting systems," Yong-Jing Wang, Kenneth Li, and Seiji Inatsugu Opt. Eng. 46, 084001 (2007).

"New developments in ZnO materials and devices," D. C. Look Proc. SPIE 6474, 647402 (2007).

"Characterization of vulnerable plaques by multiphoton microscopy," Magnus Borstad Lilledahl, Olav Anton Haugen, Catharina de Lange Davies, and Lars Othar Svaasand J. Biomed. Opt. 12, 044005 (2007).

"Review of energy harvesting techniques and applications for microelectronics," (Keynote Address) Loreto Mateu and Francesc Moll Proc. SPIE 5837, 359 (2005).

"Rigorous electromagnetic field mask modeling and related lithographic effects in the low k1 and ultrahigh numerical aperture regime," Andreas Erdmann and Peter Evanschitzky J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 6, 031002 (2007).

SPIE Newsroom September 2007

1. Remote sensing systems monitor air in stadiums," by Roland Harig and Joern Gerhard 

2. Sensor instrumentation to monitor bridges," by Steve E. Watkins

3. Effective specification of the surface shape of aspheric optics," by Greg Forbes

4. Free-space optics technology improves situational awareness on the battlefield," by Mouhammad Al-Akkoumi, Robert Huck, and James Sluss 

5. Improve security of quantum cryptography," by Andreas Poppe

6. Bright future for remote sensing?," by William B. Gail 

7. Green Lighting project focuses on energy-efficient offices," by Friedrich Linhart and Jean-Louis Scartezzini

8. "Accurate image distortion correction in high magnification imaging systems," by Michael Sutton

9. "Aperiodic aperture arrays as terahertz plasmonic metamaterials," by Amit Agrawal, Tatsunosuke Matsui, Valy Vardeny, and Nahata Ajay 

10. Aligned carbon nanotubes: a video interview with Liming Dai