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Top Notch Research: April 2008 Edition

Most frequently downloaded SPIE papers and articles.

The SPIE Digital Library and the SPIE Newsroom are two great sources for photonics research. Using the most recent data available, here is a selection of the most frequently downloaded papers on the Digital Library and the most read articles on the Newsroom.

SPIE Newsroom March 2008

1. "Banknote verification using 3D profilometry techniques," by Toru Yoshizawa

2. "Light emission from a zinc oxide nanowire," by Daniël Vanmaekelbergh

3. "Unique nanotube composites constructed for organic solar cells," by Somenath Mitra and Cheng Li

4. "Using synthetic aperture radar data to detect and identify ships," by Vassilis Tsagaris, Giorgos Panagopoulos, and Vassilis Anastassopoulos

5. "Using a nano light source to investigate small-scale composite materials," by Yuika Saito and Kazuhiro Yanagi 

6. "New electro-optic architecture outperforms opto-mechanics," by Scott Davis and Michael H. Anderson 

7. "Tunable semiconductor lasers can monitor air pollution," by Alexandre Lytkine, Wolfgang Jäger, and John Tulip

8. "Automating design of free-form optics for LED lighting," by Bo Yang 

9. "Advanced fabrication of organic thin-film transistors," by Wei-Yang Chou and Horng-Long Cheng

10. "Energy harvesting for self-powered nanosystems," by Zhong Lin (Z.L.) Wang 

SPIE Digital Library November/December 2007

1. "Optical brain imaging in vivo: techniques and applications from animal to man," Elizabeth M. C. Hillman, J. Biomed. Opt. 12, 051402 (2007).

2. "Evaluation of standard watermarking techniques," Enrico Marini, Florent Autrusseau, Patrick Le Callet, and Patrizio Campisi, Proc. SPIE 6505, 65050O (2007).

3. "Optical coherence tomography: a review of clinical development from bench to bedside," Adam M. Zysk, Freddy T. Nguyen, Amy L. Oldenburg, Daniel L. Marks, and Stephen A. Boppart, J. Biomed. Opt. 12, 051403 (2007).

4. "Four-mirror anastigmats, part 1: a complete solution set for all-spherical telescopic systems," Andrew Rakich, Opt. Eng. 46, 103001 (2007).

5. "Embeddable sensor for corrosion measurement," Robert G. Kelly, J. Yuan, Stephen H. Jones, W. Wang, K. Hudson, A. Sime, O. Schneider, and Gerardo G. Clemena, Proc. SPIE 3587, 16 (1999).

6. "Deterring watermark collusion attacks using signal processing techniques," Aweke N. Lemma and Michiel van der Veen, Proc. SPIE 6505, 65050M (2007).

7. "Parameter extraction from simple electrical measurements on surface micromachined cantilevers," Somashekara Bhat and Enakshi Bhattacharya, J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS 6, 043013 (2007).

8. "Detection and treatment of dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus: a pivotal challenge in translating biophotonics from bench to bedside," Brian C. Wilson J. Biomed. Opt. 12, 051401 (2007).

9. "Applications of fiber phase conjugators in high-power lasers," Hans J. Eichler, Baining Liu, and Oliver Mehl, Proc. SPIE 3549, pp. 110 (1998).

10. "Speckle noise reduction in digital holography by multiple holograms," Chenggen Quan, Xin Kang, and Cho Jui Tay, Opt. Eng. 46, 115801 (2007).