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Welcome to SPIE Newsroom!

To help you find information targeted to your interests, the Newsroom is organized into 13 Technical Communities. They are listed below with brief descriptions. Click the Technical Community name to visit its main page and see the types of information offered.

Astronomy, astronomical instrumentation, X-ray/EUV components, adaptive optics, and related technologies.

For biomedical optics, diagnostics and therapeutics, biophotonics, BioMEMs and microfluidics, biological and chemical sensing, optical microscopy, medical imaging systems, and biomedical image processing.

Detectors and focal plane arrays, infrared/electro-optic systems, millimeter/microwave technologies, ladar/lidar, advanced radar, space technologies, smart structures, homeland security, biological and chemical sensing, laser communications, and optical authentication.
Covers optical data storage, displays, image processing, holography, visualization, human vision and color, signal processing, neural nets and wavelets, visual communications, and machine vision.
Illumination and non-imaging optics, holography, visualization and graphic display, human vision and color perception, medical imaging systems, and LEDs and OLEDs.
Laser physics, solid state, gas, semiconductor, and other laser types, X-ray and UV sources, LEDs and OLEDs, nonlinear optics, laser damage, laser beam optics, and laser communications.

Microlithography, micromachining and microfabrication, photomask, optoelectronic devices, MEMS and MOEMS, micro-optics, and semiconductor physics.

Nanotechnology, nanophotonics, quantum optics, and chemical physics.

Traditional optical sciences, lens design, optomechanics, optical materials and fabrication, thin films, optical testing, diffractive optics, polarization, and astronomical instrumentation.

Fiber optics, local area networks, internet and data communications, wireless and laser communications, optical networks, integrated optics; optoelectronic devices, including MEMS and MOEMS, LEDs and OLEDs.

Remote sensing, atmospheric propagation engineering, ocean optics, thermal sensing, agriculture and forestry.

Robotic systems, automation sensors and controls, machine vision, metrology and interferometry, optomechatronics, thermal sensing, non-destructive evaluation, flow and particle diagnostics.

Energy efficiency, solar conversion, photovoltaic cells, photochemical coatings and applications, photoelectrochemistry, thin films and coatings, illumination and non-imaging optics.

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