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Lasers & Sources

The discovery of supercontinuum generation and applications

A special session at SPIE Photonics West celebrated the 45th anniversary of the supercontinuum. Audio and slides from the presentations are available.

29 April 2014, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3201404.04

45th anniversary presentations:

Ultimate ultrafast white light's first observations: early discovery circa 1970
Robert R. Alfano, The City College of New York (USA)
Slides and audio

Evolution of the supercontinuum source
James Roy Taylor, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
Slides and audio

Supercontinuum generation in optical fibers and its biomedical applications

Govind P. Agrawal, Univ. of Rochester (USA)
Slides and audio

White light for the fast lane: supercontinuum generation in all-normal dispersion fibers for ultrafast photonics
Alexander M. Heidt, Univ.of Southampton (United Kingdom)
Slides and audio

Supercontinuum generation in microstructure fiber at the advent of femtosecond combs
Steven T. Cundiff, JILA (USA)
Paper, slides and audio

Collapsing light really shines
Alexander L. Gaeta, Cornell Univ. (USA)
Slides and audio

Cross-phase modulation in optical Kerr media: from early discovery works to recent all-optical applications
Patrice L. Baldeck, Univ. Joseph Fourier (France)

Video interview with Robert Alfano:
The supercontinuum: discovery and future applications