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SPIE Smart Structures/NDE 2017 | Call for Papers

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Solar & Alternative Energy

Enhancing solar hydrogen production with cobalt dichalcogenides
Cobalt disulfide and cobalt diselenide thin films act as cocatalysts and passivation layers to improve the performance and stability of silicon microwire photocathodes.
Solution-processing methods are used to synthesize metal-oxide nanoparticle suspensions and thus realize efficient and stable devices.
8 September 2016
Novel mixed organic, dimensionally tuned, quasi-2D thin perovskite films have enhanced stability and excellent optoelectronic characteristics.
2 September 2016
Plastic foil substrates and chromium oxide interlayers are used in a novel technology that combines high efficiency, low weight, and extreme flexibility in a single platform.
30 August 2016
Ultrafine and ultrathin nickel(II) oxide nanosheets stabilized with titanium dioxide feature exposed high-energy facets and active surface sites that enable excellent water oxidation activity.
26 August 2016
A novel synthesis method provides nanoparticles that are terminated with carbonate-like groups and creates an amorphous/crystalline structure for effective separation of electron-hole pairs.
12 August 2016
S+D 2016: New approaches to hyperspectral imaging
Pollution monitoring by remote MIR camera and improved image gathering by new "gimballed" systems, were described.
29 September 2016
S+D 2016: Key to growing military business – invest in R&D
Sir Brian Burridge, Leonardo SVP and UK military leader, imparts his wisdom on developing and marketing combat-ready photonics.
28 September 2016
CIGS/perovskite tandem module reaches 17.8%
European research team believes that devices based on the two thin-film materials could operate at 25% efficiency with further refinements.
27 September 2016
Prism Awards: application deadline is October 7
Submissions to high-profile industry event for innovation in optics and photonics being accepted across 13 different categories.
26 September 2016
PV Polymeric Standards and Long Term Thermal Aging -- Christopher Flueckiger plenary talk

Lake Shore Cryotronics