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Solar & Alternative Energy

Visualization of carrier dynamics on photoactive material surfaces
Four-dimensional scanning ultrafast electron microscopy is used to selectively map charge-carrier recombination, diffusion, and trapping, with extremely high spatial and temporal resolutions.
The efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells with zinc oxide electron transport layers are significantly affected by the deposition method and post-deposition surface modifications.
24 January 2017
Novel structures exhibit highly directional emission and provide a template for site-controlled quantum dots and self-aligned nanophotonic cavities.
12 January 2017
A multiple-cation engineering strategy is used to realize devices with open-circuit voltages that are close to the thermodynamic limit, as well as high electroluminscence and stability at elevated temperatures.
29 December 2016
The photoelectrochemical performance of hematite photoanodes for water splitting is boosted by increasing the charge-separation efficiency and suppressing surface electron–hole recombination.
22 December 2016
A unique optical phenomenon allows ultrafast, light-dependent control over the photocurrent response of a single-phase material.
21 December 2016
Replicating nature’s ability to reflect light promises new photonics materials
Surrey team develops ceramics that mimic "butterfly wing" structures; with patents filed, and commercial partner identified.
23 February 2017
Dual lens approach offers new potential for smart phone cameras
Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Corephotonics partnership enables “dramatic enhancements" in image quality.
23 February 2017
IDT to buy GigPeak to better deliver optical comms
$250m deal creates "new franchise" in optical interconnect; extends IDT’s lead in comms and cloud data center markets.
16 February 2017
QCL-based THz sources generate 'record' ultrashort pulses
TUW and ETHZ researchers add lateral absorber to laser resonator, creating emission bandwidth across a full octave.
15 February 2017
Andrea Alu: Combining wave phenomena to create new metasurfaces