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Solar & Alternative Energy

Photothermal effect of conducting polymer electrodes for hybrid energy harvester
A hybrid energy harvester combining photovoltaic, pyroelectric, and thermoelectric devices enables use of the full solar spectrum to generate electricity.
Functionalizing metal oxides with heterojunction nanostructures improves optical absorption and charge carrier mobility and reduces electron–hole recombination for photoelectrochemical water splitting.
22 April 2016
Totally transparent photoelectric devices can be used in photodetectors and transparent solar cells to improve UV light detection.
20 April 2016

A quantum process called singlet fission could boost solar cell efficiency by harnessing inaccessible parts of the solar spectrum.

13 April 2016
New material architectures and electrode surface topographies are used in high-power batteries to improve battery lifetime and cell stability.
8 April 2016
Fluorescent dye aggregates are used to improve light harvesting and device efficiency by increasing the dye concentration and reducing reabsorption.
31 March 2016
Christophe Ballif wins Becquerel Prize for PV research
Director of the EPFL photovoltaics lab and CSEM’s dedicated PV center claims prestigious European award.
24 May 2016
CSEM extends PV cleanroom and production lab
Swiss photovoltaics center working on cheaper high-performance silicon solar cells adds 1100 square meters of development space.
20 May 2016
TeraView works with Cambridge to improve drug discovery
Terahertz specialist and university looking at body’s take-up of amorphous, low-solubility drugs.
18 May 2016
European Commission backs €1BN quantum technologies 'flagship'
Digital Economy commissioner Günther Oettinger outlines plans for a major new innovation program at event in Delft.
17 May 2016
Darius Kuciauskas: Two-photon excitation for tracking PV defects and increasing solar efficiency