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Solar & Alternative Energy

Quantum dot photosensitizers as a new paradigm for photochemical activation
Interfacial triplet-triplet energy transfer is used to significantly extend the exciton lifetime of cadmium selenide nanocrystals in an experimental demonstration of their molecular-like photochemistry.
A novel synthesis method provides nanoparticles that are terminated with carbonate-like groups and creates an amorphous/crystalline structure for effective separation of electron-hole pairs.
12 August 2016
A microsphere superlens is used to convert evanescent waves into propagating waves and provide an imaging efficiency that is 40 times higher than for atomic force microscopy.
2 August 2016
Interference lithography for mastering and nanoimprint lithography as a microstructure replication technology offer scalability for applications in photovoltaics as well as lighting and displays.
19 July 2016
Optimum sunlight absorption in thin absorbers such as silicon can be achieved via the introduction of novel pseudo-disordered photonic nanopatterns.
14 July 2016
Self-assembled bilayers enable the incorporation of molecular photon upconversion directly in a dye-sensitized solar cell.
30 June 2016
Luminaires outshine lamps in 2015 global lighting market - analyst
As unit prices for LED lamps fall, revenue will also decline from 2019, says IHS Markit. Also: Nichea leading LED sector sales.
23 August 2016
ColorChip raises further $20m venture capital
Investment to support its "System on Glass" transceivers destined for the booming data center market.
18 August 2016
UV-LED maker Nikkiso buys AquiSense in $9.3M deal
US-based AquiSense, which specializes in UV disinfection modules, becomes subsidiary of large Japanese industrial firm.
16 August 2016
Universal Display slips on sales outlook
But the organic LED materials firm says revenue delay is only temporary as customers gear up for capacity ramps next year.
8 August 2016
Darius Kuciauskas: Two-photon excitation for tracking PV defects and increasing solar efficiency