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Solar & Alternative Energy

Aggregation of nanoparticles can cause significant changes in the absorption and scattering coefficients of suspensions.
8 February 2016
Two simple room-temperature and solution-based chemical processes are used to realize a new class of silver nano-network-based devices.
20 January 2016
Techniques such as electrochemical atomic layer epitaxial deposition can be used to grow high-quality pseudo-2D layers of photovoltaic materials.
11 January 2016
Water splitting by integrated photoelectrochemical-thermoelectric devices can produce storable and transportable hydrogen fuel from solar and waste heat energies.
5 January 2016
Manipulation of surface potentials at grain boundaries in lead halide perovskite solar cells may enhance their photoconversion efficiency.
29 December 2015
Environmentally friendly nanoparticles may enable integration of luminescent solar concentrator technology in optically active photovoltaic windows with high conversion efficiency.
9 December 2015
PTB claims 'most accurate' optical single-ion clock
Optical atomic clocks are "more stable and more accurate" than current time-setting standard cesium clocks.
11 February 2016
Holoxica wins €1.3m to develop next-gen 3D medical displays
Holographic imaging pioneer to work with academic, healthcare partners on training and surgical support systems.
10 February 2016
Heliatek sets new record OPV efficiency of 13.2%
Solar film pioneer says it is well on the way towards achieving 15% efficient organic solar cells.
9 February 2016
Mitsubishi air quality sensor detects dangerous particulates
Laser device with double-sided mirror measures density of tiny 'PM2.5' particles implicated in urban ill health.
9 February 2016