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OPIE 2017

OPIC 2017



Solar & Alternative Energy

Nanoengineered lone-pair active photocatalysts for more efficient water splitting
A whole family of promising nanoengineered photocatalysts have been identified to enable the generation of solar fuels, hydrogen, and oxygen via artificial photosynthesis.
New gold/titanium dioxide photonic band gap semiconductor materials with an inverse opal structure are promising photocatalysts for solar hydrogen production.
24 April 2017
Enhanced rates of energetic photons are generated above the thermal emission limit in a hybrid thermal-photoluminescent device, which has an efficiency of about 70 at moderate operating temperatures.
26 March 2017
SPIE Photonics West 2016 Plenary

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: 2D tunable materials would allow researchers to "move from still-life daguerreotype nanophotonics to the film and television era."

9 March 2017
Novel nonimaging optics solutions are used to achieve maximized concentration and matched etendue and to thus reach high operating temperatures for low-cost, fully dispatchable electricity.
1 March 2017
The efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells with zinc oxide electron transport layers are significantly affected by the deposition method and post-deposition surface modifications.
24 January 2017
3D-Micromac reveals volume orders for laser processing of solar cells
German laser systems firm also launches faster version of another tool used to produce high-efficiency 'PERC' cells.
19 April 2017
SPIE DCS 2017: advice from Washington - engage, from Trump to City Hall
Photonics industry urged by lobbyist to keep an eye on Jared Kushner, amid potential opportunities in infrastructure, defense and medicine.
14 April 2017
NUS engineers develop novel lens for super-resolution imaging
Discovery breaks resolution limitations in microscopy; Potential applications in high precision failure inspection and biological research.
12 April 2017
SPIE DCS 2017: fiber sensors tipped for missions to Mars
Anaheim conference hears of myriad future applications for the optical technology in space exploration.
12 April 2017
Andrea Alu: Combining wave phenomena to create new metasurfaces