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Solar & Alternative Energy

Fundamental limits to near-field radiative heat transfer
A new approach, based on simple physical principles, is used to obtain upper bounds for the energy exchange rate between closely separated bodies and indicates the potential for more efficient thermal devices.
In the Active Learning in Optics and Photonics program teachers are taught inquiry-based strategies, and low-cost optics technologies are brought to the classroom.
21 November 2016
Immensely concentrated sunlight provides a novel method for the synthesis of many nanomaterials that possess remarkable photonic, tribological, electronic, and catalytic properties.
17 November 2016
Laser annealing opens new possibilities for increasing throughput and reducing manufacturing costs in thin-film solar cell processing.
12 October 2016
Cobalt disulfide and cobalt diselenide thin films act as cocatalysts and passivation layers to improve the performance and stability of silicon microwire photocathodes.
19 September 2016
Solution-processing methods are used to synthesize metal-oxide nanoparticle suspensions and thus realize efficient and stable devices.
8 September 2016
Oxford PV lands Statoil investment
First investment in solar technology by the oil and gas giant’s venture wing complemented by deal to develop hybrid perovskite cells with major silicon manufacturer.
6 December 2016
In memoriam: Joe Yaver, SPIE leader; optics visionary
Society’s long-serving former executive director and driving force behind what became the Photonics West event dies at 83.
5 December 2016
SLM enables cheap, wavelength-selectable microscopy
University of Chicago group adapts microscope to permit spectrum-specific observation of target structures.
1 December 2016
Solid growth and fat order book mark Gooch & Housego's positive 2016
Preliminary results for the year reveal 9% boost for sales and profits, after military and aerospace acquisitions.
30 November 2016
Andrea Alu: Combining wave phenomena to create new metasurfaces