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SPIE Smart Structures/NDE 2017 | Call for Papers

Optical Engineering


Sensing & Measurement

Hyperspectral imaging for asbestos identification in cement products
Hyperspectral imaging and chemometric methods are combined in an innovative approach for fast, in situ, and low-cost asbestos recognition.
Robotic ‘tongues’ that have continuous and compliant backbones enable robots to grasp objects that are otherwise difficult or infeasible to capture when using parallel jaw grippers.
26 September 2016

A decade's worth of advances in five years is the goal of the photonics community and partners, working on imaging, diagnostics and data management.

23 September 2016
The use of minimum resolvable contrast measurements enables a uniform approach to characterizing imaging sensor performance in the visible, near-IR, and shortwave IR spectral ranges.
31 August 2016
A novel all-optical technique allows conduction and valence band modifications to be studied on a femtosecond timescale.
31 August 2016
An assay based on silver nanoparticles of different colors provides rapid diagnosis for multiple diseases.
24 August 2016
S+D 2016: Key to growing military business – invest in R&D
Sir Brian Burridge, Leonardo SVP and UK military leader, imparts his wisdom on developing and marketing combat-ready photonics.
28 September 2016
S+D 2016: Fiber lasers and quantum photonics show great promise
SPIE’s Edinburgh Defense & Security meet hears inspirational plenaries from Payne and Knight.
28 September 2016
Prism Awards: application deadline is October 7
Submissions to high-profile industry event for innovation in optics and photonics being accepted across 13 different categories.
26 September 2016
Leica and Huawei set up optical systems lab
‘Max Berek Innovation’ research center will work on new optical systems, computational imaging, virtual reality and augmented reality.
26 September 2016
Anna Mignani: Optical fiber sensors for food quality and safety

Lake Shore Cryotronics