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PI: Motion-Positioning

Optical Engineering


PI: Motion-Positioning

Sensing & Measurement

Microspherical resonators for multicolor laser light emission
Microspherical whispering gallery mode resonators provide a simpler, cheaper, and more compact laser source for emission in the continuous-wave regime at all visible wavelengths.
A novel low-cost scanning microscope enables robust, scalable imaging for microfluidic systems and photonic integrated circuits.
22 April 2016
A new hardware-accelerated projective transformation engine is embedded within a high-speed digital light processing projector.
18 April 2016
LIGO test mass

The first detection of a gravitational wave depended on large surfaces with excellent flatness, combined with low microroughness and the ability to mitigate environmental noise.

15 April 2016

Monitoring the properties of light transmitted through a thread of spider silk enables detection of trace amounts of chemical compounds.

5 April 2016
A laser Doppler vibrometer is used in a camera-based tracking system to survey the vibrations of rotor blades during normal operation of a power plant.
1 April 2016
IPG slides from record high
Market reacts negatively to latest results from the fiber laser giant, knocking 15% off stock value.
29 April 2016
Philips Photonics team wins AKL innovation award for VCSEL arrays
Biannual gong goes to Aachen group’s development of semiconductor laser technology for thermal processing.
28 April 2016
MKS: Newport deal set to complete imminently
Dennis Werth lined up for leadership role, with current Newport CEO offered post on the MKS board of directors.
27 April 2016
European Research Council splashes €4m on photonics projects
Two grants have been awarded to biological imaging and laser material research projects in Germany.
27 April 2016
Darius Kuciauskas: Two-photon excitation for tracking PV defects and increasing solar efficiency

Princeton Infrared Technologies