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Sensing & Measurement

3D-printed parts for disaster-response robots

Creating custom attachments for robots and drones tailored for specific situations in the field can speed response time.

24 November 2014, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3201411.03

Robotic Research, a 2014 SBIR Tibbetts Award Winner, has contributed to automation and robotics since its inception in 2002, and for over a decade prior as employees at the National Institute for Standards and Technology in Gaitherburg, Maryland. This has included not only the development of unmanned systems technology but also the program management, engineering supervision, testing, and documentation support necessary for major programs.

Robotic Research LLC is a developer of robotic vehicles for the US Government and has been for years. Company experience covers the range from remote-controlled to fully autonomous, from off-road environments to structure on-road environments.