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Remote Sensing

Airborne 3D imaging possibilities for defense and security
Several multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles are used to demonstrate the potential applications of 3D imaging ladar systems.
An eye-safe, mid-IR hyperspectral active standoff detection system provides identification, detection, and confident quantification of chemical mixtures.
18 May 2016
Ground penetrating radar was used for the first mapping of southern hairy-nosed wombat warrens under layers of limestone.
20 April 2016
Combining satellite imagery with social media data enables a good match between predictions and observations in emergency situations.
14 April 2016
Remote sensing technologies enable plant breeders and geneticists to characterize canopy function in thousands of plant varieties.
25 March 2016
A statistical analysis shows that the predictability of extreme events is different for distinct rogue-wave supporting systems.
7 March 2016
Brad Tousley plenary talk: Advanced platforms for sensing in the air, space, maritime/undersea, and ground domains

Amplification Technologies