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2016 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

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Remote Sensing

Mining social media to task satellite data collection during emergencies
Combining satellite imagery with social media data enables a good match between predictions and observations in emergency situations.
Ground penetrating radar was used for the first mapping of southern hairy-nosed wombat warrens under layers of limestone.
20 April 2016
Remote sensing technologies enable plant breeders and geneticists to characterize canopy function in thousands of plant varieties.
25 March 2016
A statistical analysis shows that the predictability of extreme events is different for distinct rogue-wave supporting systems.
7 March 2016
Reducing quantum fluctuations in the electromagnetic field of light enables high-resolution images to be obtained via remote sensing with potential applications in satellite-borne systems.
26 February 2016
Computer models are effective for predicting electro-optic sensor performance, as long as simulation software is validated against real-world observations.
22 February 2016
David Crisp: Team of satellites monitors our changing Earth from space

Amplification Technologies

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