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Optoelectronics & Communications

Quantum-dot lasers for pulse-amplitude modulation and phase-shift keying
Novel devices feature improved carrier transport and operate under higher-order modulation schemes to enable increased data transmission rates.
A broadband approach enables interoperable communications within legacy private mobile radio networks and creates the potential for many novel products, services, functionalities, and real-time applications.
12 July 2016
A computationally efficient theoretical approach is used to assess the performance of novel devices with directly emitting optical vortex modes.
8 July 2016
A chaotic semiconductor laser under distributed feedback, induced by a fiber Bragg grating, enables random bit generation at a high rate that is continuously tunable up to 100Gb/s.
1 July 2016

Wearable devices are rapidly advancing in terms of technology, functionality and size, with more real-time applications. The disruption has already begun in health monitoring.

21 June 2016
Light emission occurs from a metal-free region in a proposed structure, which reduces optical losses and power dissipation, and opens up the possibility of realizing an electrically driven organic laser.
15 June 2016
Jelena Vuckovic: Designing innovative structures for efficient optical devices