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Optoelectronics & Communications

Optically induced currents in dielectrics: a new ultrafast nonlinear optical effect

DC currents can be generated in unbiased dielectrics and semiconductors by excitation below their band gaps with ultrashort optical pulses.

A novel dielectric metasurface platform provides simultaneous and complete control of optical wavefront and polarization with subwavelength spatial resolution and high transmission efficiency.
13 May 2016
A liquid crystal on silicon is used to realize a multiple-input and multiple-output wavelength selective switch that is based on the optical system found in conventional devices.
6 May 2016
A novel dual-active-layer structure broadens the gain spectrum and can be used as a single bidirectional device for multi-wavelength channel amplification.
21 April 2016
A new platform for low-power nonlinear optics has a high nonlinear figure of merit and can be used to generate a wideband supercontinuum.
12 April 2016
Aluminum gallium nitride UV-C LED devices fabricated with novel epitaxial techniques show improved efficiency and have longer operating lifetimes.
8 April 2016
Jelena Vuckovic: Designing innovative structures for efficient optical devices