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Optoelectronics & Communications

Imaging charge and spin transport at high density in semiconductors
Imaging luminescence polarization under excitation by a tightly focused laser reveals novel phenomena related to spin transport in semiconductors.
High-resolution spectroscopy reveals excitons with highly excited states and micrometer-scale spatial extents.
4 February 2016
Monolithic LED arrays facilitate spatial control of light emission and adjustment of the electrical properties of the source.
1 February 2016
Third-generation one-way quantum repeaters, based on quantum bits and multilevel systems, could provide extremely quick data transfer rates.
14 January 2016
Bridging the gap between electronics and biology, bioprotonic devices control protonic currents (H+), which may affect physiological function.
11 January 2016
Delay-stabilized optical fibers are used to link existing small antennas and create a large virtual telescope.
6 January 2016
Konstantin Bliokh: Optical angular momentum opens up new dimensions of light