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2016 Optical Engineering + Applications | Register Today

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Optical Design & Engineering

The origins of commercial free-form optics
Intriguing component shapes in recent optical designs have spawned challenging mathematical approaches and fabrication methods, but are part of a long historical context.
By connecting telescopes electronically, rather than optically, atmospheric turbulence is avoided and microarcsecond resolutions may be achieved.
18 May 2016
Novel liquid-crystalline polymers that respond to specific stimuli by changing their shape or color can be used as soft actuators and optical sensors for environmental, energy, and biomedical applications.
17 May 2016
The integration of a time-variable array of pinholes can be used to perform high-resolution imaging with high energy efficiency, and significantly extend the field of view when combined with an imaging lens.
16 May 2016
A novel dielectric metasurface platform provides simultaneous and complete control of optical wavefront and polarization with subwavelength spatial resolution and high transmission efficiency.
13 May 2016
A new full-field transmission x-ray microscope has spatial resolution as high as 20nm and an in situ imaging capability.
12 May 2016
Multiphoton microscopes to speed up disease diagnosis
£850,000 project yields two potential new inspection tools for diverse applications in medicine.
25 May 2016
Japan's Optex group buys UK's Gardasoft Vision
International security and sensing group adds booming LED lighting specialist to its roster.
24 May 2016
Huddersfield professor appointed to RAE/Renishaw Chair
Prof Xiangqian Jiang working on precise measurement tools for future factories and "Industry 4.0".
18 May 2016
Optalysys brings optical processing to bear on big data
As computing grapples with Moore's Law, an optical platform offers a fast route to solving complex equations.
18 May 2016
Benjamin Eggleton: Electrons, photons and phonons combine on a chip for promising new applications

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