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2016 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

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Optical Design & Engineering

LIGO test mass
High-precision optics enable LIGO's new view of the universe

The first detection of a gravitational wave depended on large surfaces with excellent flatness, combined with low microroughness and the ability to mitigate environmental noise.

A new optical design based on retroreflectors provides mid-air floating images over tabletop projection screens, and enables users to interact with digital objects beyond the 2D surface.
6 May 2016
A liquid crystal on silicon is used to realize a multiple-input and multiple-output wavelength selective switch that is based on the optical system found in conventional devices.
6 May 2016
A hybrid high-energy thin-disk laser enables a new family of driving sources for ultrafast experiments.
5 May 2016
A simple and robust core-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier enables efficient stimulated Brillouin scattering mitigation and excellent beam quality.
26 April 2016
Totally transparent photoelectric devices can be used in photodetectors and transparent solar cells to improve UV light detection.
20 April 2016
Lumentum reports positive quarterly performance
Q3 2016 results show net revenue of $230 million – “above mid-point of guidance”.
5 May 2016
EOS expands with Austin laser additive manufacturing center
Official opening of Pflugerville site in Texas includes new innovations laboratory for customer interactions.
5 May 2016
Edmund Optics launches startUP program to help new optics firms
Program provides fledgling photonics companies with engineering, product, and marketing expertise and cut-price kit.
4 May 2016
Michael Mertin to step down from Photonics21
Two-term president to depart in November 2016, leaving detailed to-do list for successor.
3 May 2016
John Ballato: Fiber materials bring new capabilities to lasers