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Optical Design & Engineering

Laser damage resistance of optical coatings in the sub-picosecond regime
Examining the physical limitations of optical coating materials and their manufacturing processes improves the laser damage resistance of optical components.
A new instrument on the 4m Mayall Telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory will use 5000 robotic fiber positioners to create a 3D redshift map of the universe to study dark energy.
13 July 2016
A new three-probe measurement system has been developed and implemented with a data-stitching algorithm to improve its accuracy.
7 July 2016
Early results from the MeerKAT radio telescope project are providing guidance for scientific research enterprises, including the Square Kilometre Array telescope ‘megaproject.’
21 June 2016
A new pixel-based absolute test method is used to determine the zero-gravity surface shape of a target mirror under normal gravity conditions and to remove interferometric errors.
17 June 2016
An innovative optical design for the Near-IR Imaging Spectrometer for Star Formation History instrument overcomes many limitations associated with conventional on-axis optics.
8 June 2016
Singapore team launches silicon photonics follow-up
Second phase of packaging program follows successful development of device library including grating couplers.
26 July 2016
Nanoco signs long-term deal on cadmium-free quantum dots
UK firm signs non-exclusive seven-year agreement with Taiwan’s Wah Hong Industrial.
26 July 2016
Ultrashort laser pulses support fiber-reinforced components
Allows more complex geometries and product integration with bonded copper layers without toxic chemicals.
21 July 2016
Laser welding of glass now ready for industry
Femtosecond laser system developed by Trumpf enables economical, high-quality glass welding,
21 July 2016
Benjamin Eggleton: Electrons, photons and phonons combine on a chip for promising new applications

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