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SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2017 | Call for Papers

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Optical Design & Engineering

SPIE Optics + Photonics plenary talks
Multimedia presentations: Optics + Photonics 2016 plenaries

Slides and audio of plenary talks at SPIE Optics + Photonics, held in San Diego in August 2016.

Miniaturization of satellite remote sensing promises lower costs, and SeaHawk is a prime example, offering global coastal ocean color imagery comparable to previous larger and more expensive systems.
13 September 2016

A novel fabrication process from the Capasso lab develops highly efficient planar metalenses that allow for diffraction-limited focusing, unprecedented imaging quality, and the ability to resolve chirality.

6 September 2016
Using specialized mirrors to enable optical scanning in through-focus optical microscopy reduces through-focus instability and scan time.
27 August 2016
A sensitive quantum device, designed to operate on a nanosatellite, was recovered from explosion debris and displays no degradation in quality.
22 August 2016
Curing and sintering of silicon carbide with phenolic resin and carbon produces materials that have the mechanical strength and environmental stability required for the largest telescope mirrors.
9 August 2016
Lightweight additive-technology metamaterials, and optical systems that combine interferometry with fixed-pupil segments, enable detection of possible extraterrestrial life from large ground-based telescopes.
30 July 2016
Jenoptik’s Michael Mertin to quit in June 2017
After 10 years’ of “transformation and growth”, he will focus on new challenges beyond the German optics giant.
23 September 2016
ECOC 2016 reflects market impacts of new photonic technologies
Düsseldorf event showcases latest developments in optical communications – from silicon to software.
22 September 2016
Southampton University showcases Future Photonics Hub
The Future Photonics Hub’s inaugural “industry day” hailed a success by 150 delegates and exhibitors.
21 September 2016
Quantel back in the black; signs up new UK distributor
France-headquartered laser company benefits from military supply contracts and Laser MegaJoule project.
20 September 2016
Benjamin Eggleton: Electrons, photons and phonons combine on a chip for promising new applications