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2016 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

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Optical Design & Engineering

Fourth-generation optics involving the spatial modulation of the anisotropy axis in the plane of thin polymer films opens up unprecedented opportunities for imaging and optical communication.
5 February 2016
Absolute interferometric length measurements can be used to characterize ultrastable structures at cryogenic temperatures.
3 February 2016
Coupled dipole-patch nano-antenna cells are used in a new approach to impose an arbitrary phase profile on reflected light.
28 January 2016
Precise control of polarization in a 10.6μm, sub-10mJ, 15ns vectorial vortex beam using an achromatic axially symmetric waveplate may find applications in ultra-precise micromachining.
21 January 2016
Visual stimuli and brain wave measurement techniques combined with a holographic display system enable human interaction with 3D content.
19 January 2016
Physical optics modeling by smart rays enables numerically efficient treatment of polarization, vectorial effects, interference, coherence, and femtosecond pulses.
14 January 2016
After Groundhog Day, the first femtos are bursting out
Punxsutawney Phil said spring would be early and femtosecond laser makers have not disappointed.
10 February 2016
Lumentum defies bear market to hit post-JDSU high
While indices have plummeted globally, the stock price of the photonics company is up 70% since October.
9 February 2016
SilverArrow sticks the boot in as Rofin is stung by China cancellations
Stock drops 10% but the industrial laser firm says it will be first to market with 2.5kW fiber laser modules later this year.
5 February 2016
Anti-troll collective to meet at Photonics West
Laser firms accused by Texas shell company of infringing an old Polaroid patent invited to gather at Intercontinental Hotel during conference.
4 February 2016

Marktech Optoelectronics

Excelitas Technologies