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Porous plasmonic nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman scattering applications
A novel strategy is used to synthesize porous gold-silver alloy nanospheres encased in ultrathin silica shells that can act as highly sensitive single-particle probes.
Nanoscale patterning transforms weak absorbers into near-perfect absorbers that may be used for night vision and agricultural monitoring applications.
24 August 2016
An assay based on silver nanoparticles of different colors provides rapid diagnosis for multiple diseases.
24 August 2016

Tactile sensors and ‘electronic skin’ made from 2D materials could be worn on the body to enable continuous monitoring of motion.

18 August 2016
A novel synthesis method provides nanoparticles that are terminated with carbonate-like groups and creates an amorphous/crystalline structure for effective separation of electron-hole pairs.
12 August 2016
Two-photon spectroscopy reveals that deep-UV light emission originates from phonon-assisted transitions in hexagonal boron nitride.
10 August 2016
Ornithodolite reveals that birds fly faster in large flocks
Laser-telescope system measures speed of diverse bird groupings.
24 August 2016
Multi-view method boosts fluorescence microscopy resolution
Technique from NIBIB captures previously neglected light in wide-field and light-sheet operation.
15 August 2016
Asia growth spurs Carl Zeiss Meditec
Solid-looking financial results posted ahead of ophthalmology reorganization.
15 August 2016
Earnings up at steady Jenoptik
German optics firm appears well on track to meet 2016 expectations, despite Brexit vote and upheaval in Turkey.
11 August 2016
Jelena Vuckovic: Designing innovative structures for efficient optical devices