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Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS

Micro/Nano Lithography

Directed self-assembly patterning for forming fin field effect transistors
Silicon fins with a pitch less than 30nm and suitable critical dimensions for advanced field effect transistors are formed by directed self-assembly patterning via chemoepitaxy or self-aligned customization.
A cost-effective, freeform method of manufacturing epidermal electronic systems enables long-term, high-fidelity physiological signal monitoring.
21 July 2016
Interference lithography for mastering and nanoimprint lithography as a microstructure replication technology offer scalability for applications in photovoltaics as well as lighting and displays.
19 July 2016
A bilayer system is used in a simplified process to achieve reduced costs compared with standard fabrication methods that are based on organic photoresists.
1 July 2016
High-contrast staining and artifact-free sample preparation for transmission electron microscope tomography allows hidden structures and defects in directed self-assembly films to be investigated.
14 June 2016
Impressive progress in replacing 193nm immersion multi-patterning techniques has been made in the last few years, but there are several remaining challenges before the full scaling benefits can be realized.
8 June 2016
Matt Colburn: Directed self-assembly progress at IBM promises new chip-design options