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SPIE Photonics West 2018 - LASE | Call for Papers



Lasers & Sources

Novel semiconductor membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser
An optically pumped device features a semiconductor membrane sandwiched between diamond heat spreaders to maximize heat dissipation from the active region.
Glassy carbon nanolattices fabricated using 3D direct laser writing and pyrolysis are the smallest 3D printed lattice structures to date.
21 June 2017
LIGO detects gravitational waves

SPIE Classics offers a look at the timeline of LIGO's historic discoveries of gravitational waves.

1 June 2017
Fluorescent plastic beads introduced into cells act as microlasers, thus enabling the identification of individual cells, including cancer and brain cells, that can be tracked from one generation to the next.
31 May 2017
New assemblies have been designed and built, based on 20 years of experience, for use in the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System on NASA's upcoming Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2.
22 May 2017

SPIE Classics celebrates the birth of the laser -- 57 years ago this month.

16 May 2017
LASER 2017: Capasso gives illuminating metasurface plenary
As SPIE launches new Digital Optical Technologies conference series and hosts AR/VR demonstrations at LASER
28 June 2017
LASER 2017: Trumpf enhances its laser ranges
Improvements and additions to disk models, marking systems, picosecond research tools and cooling systems on show on industrial laser giant’s booth.
28 June 2017
LASER 2017: lidar-enabled car makes Messe debut
Mercedes Benz vehicle sporting a Luminar Technologies sensor makes an appearance outside the trade fair.
28 June 2017
LASER 2017: photonics now worth £12.9BN to UK economy
Updated analysis by Photonics Leadership Group also indicates significantly higher productivity of the export-led sector.
28 June 2017
Roel Baets: Maturity of silicon photonics opens door for sensing applications