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Lasers & Sources

Laser annealing opens new possibilities for increasing throughput and reducing manufacturing costs in thin-film solar cell processing.
12 October 2016
Advantages such as high resolution and throughput, along with insensitivity to misalignment, make extreme-UV interference lithography a powerful enabling technology for academic and industrial research.
10 October 2016
Beam combination of non-collinear inputs in a diamond Raman amplifier enables generation of high brightness, wavelength-shifted laser beams for high-power applications.
29 September 2016
A novel approach, based on the principle of an optical switch, involves integration of a phototransistor into the laser cavity.
13 September 2016
A novel class of nonlinear phenomena in metallic nanostructures, determined by nonlocality of the electron response, could find numerous applications in nanoscale nonlinear optics.
1 September 2016
A novel device architecture is used to simultaneously achieve extremely high internal quantum efficiencies, low drive voltages, and long lifetimes, at practical luminance levels.
24 August 2016
SPIE hails UNESCO support for annual Day of Light
Global enthusiasm for proposal to establish “International Day” as legacy of IYL 2015.
21 October 2016
EuroBLECH 2016 showcases industrial laser systems
Sheet metalworking technology expo takes place in Hanover, next week.
20 October 2016
Trumpf’s laser sales swell to €935M
Rise of 5 per cent in latest financial year as German firm hails ‘game-changing’ laser cutter and diode developments.
20 October 2016
ASML firms up EUV lithography expectations
Latest quarterly sales figure boosted by €80M revenue for EUV tool shipment, as TSMC outlines its installation plan.
19 October 2016