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Lasers & Sources

Quantum-dot lasers for pulse-amplitude modulation and phase-shift keying
Novel devices feature improved carrier transport and operate under higher-order modulation schemes to enable increased data transmission rates.
Fully fiber-integrated femtosecond laser systems covering the visible spectrum could take advanced biomedical imaging techniques from the laboratory to real-world applications.
23 July 2016
Global stability analysis shows that new-generation semiconductor lasers may be dynamically more stable than conventional lasers despite having more degrees of freedom.
9 July 2016
A computationally efficient theoretical approach is used to assess the performance of novel devices with directly emitting optical vortex modes.
8 July 2016
Dynamic holograms recorded in an optical nonlinear medium allow deceleration and acceleration of light pulses in a backward-wave four-wave mixing configuration.
28 June 2016
Near-IR light at wavelengths of 1600–1870nm offers the best transmittance for deep brain imaging.
8 June 2016
Ultrashort laser pulses support fiber-reinforced components
Allows more complex geometries and product integration with bonded copper layers without toxic chemicals.
21 July 2016
Laser welding of glass now ready for industry
Femtosecond laser system developed by Trumpf enables economical, high-quality glass welding,
21 July 2016
ASML boosted by extreme UV orders
Four orders for production EUV lithography systems placed in latest quarter, as TSMC reveals its plans to deploy the technology.
20 July 2016
THz systems sales to grow at 16% through 2020
Analyst Tematys reveals market drivers and which technologies suit each application.
19 July 2016
Industrial laser testing and characterization at NIST

Berliner Glas Group