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Lasers & Sources

High-peak-power pulse amplification in higher-order mode fibers
Axicons, or conical lenses, can be used as mode converters to enable pulse energy scalability and to produce beams that are close to the diffraction limit.
Novel ultra-small devices can convert near-IR radiation to bright visible light with unprecedented conversion efficiency.
12 November 2015
Diluting organic molecules in a polymer matrix material suppresses non-radiative behavior, leading to biluminescence, wherein light is emitted efficiently from both singlet and triplet states.
11 September 2015

Quantum cascade laser-based mid-IR spectrometers are used to detect threats in the air, and on various surfaces, at both short and long standoff distances.

11 June 2015
Organic LEDs with photonic structures incorporating zinc oxide and a polyfluorene derivative as cathode and emissive layers, respectively, lead to high efficiencies and electrically-driven lasing capabilities.
10 September 2014
Structural biologists use the ultra-intense pulses from x-ray lasers to overcome the problem of radiation damage in crystallography, removing the need for large, well-diffracting crystals.
21 February 2013
A semiconductor microcavity consisting of a quantum well sandwiched between two mirrors may produce laser light with specific frequency, coherence, and polarization.
9 January 2013
Samsung Ventures invests in Amplitude Laser Group
French maker of ultrafast solid-state lasers to develop solutions for global consumer electronics giant.
1 December 2015
Cascade laser systems set to ramp, says analyst Tematys
Cascade laser systems set to ramp, says analyst Tematys
1 December 2015
Sales and profit up at Gooch & Housego
Stock trades close to record high after positive results from the UK-headquartered photonics company.
1 December 2015
LG Display to start building huge OLED factory
Ultimate investment of nearly $10 billion anticipated; move likely to fuel more rumors of Apple iPhone adoption.
27 November 2015
Alexander Oraevsky: Optoacoustic imaging overcomes challenge of scattering in tissue

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