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Lasers & Sources

High-precision optics enable LIGO's new view of the universe

The first detection of a gravitational wave depended on large surfaces with excellent flatness, combined with low microroughness and the ability to mitigate environmental noise.

A simple and robust core-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier enables efficient stimulated Brillouin scattering mitigation and excellent beam quality.
26 April 2016
Microspherical whispering gallery mode resonators provide a simpler, cheaper, and more compact laser source for emission in the continuous-wave regime at all visible wavelengths.
22 April 2016
Combining a plasmonic photomixer with a novel two-section digital distributed feedback laser diode enables generation of high-power, wavelength-tunable terahertz radiation at room temperature.
19 April 2016
Improved understanding of the origin of mode instabilities enables engineering of ytterbium-doped fibers for high-power laser applications.
18 April 2016
New material architectures and electrode surface topographies are used in high-power batteries to improve battery lifetime and cell stability.
8 April 2016
Edmund Optics launches startUP program to help new optics firms
Program provides fledgling photonics companies with engineering, product, and marketing expertise and cut-price kit.
4 May 2016
Michael Mertin to step down from Photonics21
Two-term president to depart in November 2016, leaving detailed to-do list for successor.
3 May 2016
Coherent sees continued surge in laser orders
Transition from LCD to organic LED displays drives majority of $500M bookings figure posted in latest quarter.
3 May 2016
IPG slides from record high
Market reacts negatively to latest results from the fiber laser giant, knocking 15% off stock value.
29 April 2016
Peter Kazansky: Nanostructures in glass will store data for billions of years