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Lasers & Sources

CubeSat for investigating ice on the Moon
Lunar Flashlight is an innovative, low-cost mission that will use near-IR lasers to map water ice at the lunar south pole.
A firm control over parameters affecting the electrospinning fabrication method enables better production of nanofilaments and devices based on them.
4 February 2016
Specially designed aluminum gallium nitride devices can be used to control carrier recombination rates and emission line widths.
2 February 2016
Monolithic LED arrays facilitate spatial control of light emission and adjustment of the electrical properties of the source.
1 February 2016
Precise control of polarization in a 10.6μm, sub-10mJ, 15ns vectorial vortex beam using an achromatic axially symmetric waveplate may find applications in ultra-precise micromachining.
21 January 2016
Proper pulse shaping of intense laser beams can be used to precisely guide discharges and avoid obstacles in their path.
12 January 2016
SilverArrow sticks the boot in as Rofin is stung by China cancellations
Stock drops 10% but the industrial laser firm says it will be first to market with 2.5kW fiber laser modules later this year.
5 February 2016
Anti-troll collective to meet at Photonics West
Laser firms accused by Texas shell company of infringing an old Polaroid patent invited to gather at Intercontinental Hotel during conference.
4 February 2016
QCL developer Stratium targets gas sensing
Sheffield spin-out sets up in Cardiff to take advantage of local compound semiconductor expertise and investment.
1 February 2016
Coherent storms up on record bookings and backlog
Investment in organic LED production equipment generates surge in both orders and stock price.
29 January 2016
Gravitational wave detection a step closer with Advanced LIGO

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