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Lasers & Sources

High-productivity synthesis of ligand-free nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquids
Metal and metal oxide nanoparticles are produced on the gram scale with a novel ablation setup that includes a high-power pulsed-laser system, an ultrafast laser scanner, and a customized ablation chamber.
Optical components move a high-resolution laser-scan pattern contained in a small field of view across a larger area, eliminating the need for heavy steering mechanisms on platforms such as helicopters.
19 January 2017
Indium arsenide quantum dots in gallium arsenide wafers offer wider pump-wavelength range, significantly higher thermal tolerance, and higher conversion efficiency than typical terahertz radiation sources.
28 December 2016
The use of different fabrication modes for additive and subtractive processes in the novel LithoProf3D platform enables industrial-level scalability for the fabrication of 3D structures.
2 December 2016
In the Active Learning in Optics and Photonics program teachers are taught inquiry-based strategies, and low-cost optics technologies are brought to the classroom.
21 November 2016
An amorphous compound, composed of molecular clusters with high optical nonlinearity, enables the generation of continuous-wave white light with the use of a low-cost IR laser diode as the pump source.
18 November 2016
Velodyne opens lidar 'megafactory'
San Jose facility set to churn out a million lidar sensors in 2018, with a new lab in nearby Alameda.
18 January 2017
ASML's EUV tool backlog hits €2BN
Orders for more production units prompts CEO Peter Wennink to say company is moving into 'next phase' of EUV industrialization.
18 January 2017
Satellite-borne alexandrite laser to aid climate studies
Fraunhofer ILT supporting ALISE project with Leibniz Institute and Airbus Defence & Space to develop pumped alexandrite laser.
17 January 2017
Shanghai team develops 'world's brightest VUV free-electron laser'
Dalian Coherent Light Source offers tunability from 50 nm to 150 nm in the vacuum ultraviolet spectrum.
17 January 2017
Development of terahertz devices opens doors for numerous applications