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Lasers & Sources

Terahertz nonlinear optics with a compact semiconductor device
Room-temperature frequency mixing between terahertz and near-IR beams with a compact semiconductor laser provides new opportunities for nonlinear optics in the terahertz regime.

Space technologies find their place in healthcare applications. (An SPIE Professional article.)

20 April 2017
The modulation and allocation of optimized multiplexed subcarriers in short-range data networks, based on a directly modulated bandwidth-limited optical source, enables the transfer of 25Gb/s over 20km of fiber.
18 April 2017
Effective 100Gb/s single-mode optical transmission can be achieved over 100m of multimode fiber by using advanced modulation schemes and digital-signal processing.
17 April 2017
Light can be used to fabricate, handle, power, and actuate microrobotics functionalities, such as the loading and unloading of microcargo, showing promise for drug delivery and biological-testing applications.
13 April 2017
Hybrid-material optical fibers that enable supercontinuum generation show potential for application in widely tunable broadband light sources.
23 March 2017
Light can boost perovskite solar cell formation
Efficiency of perovskite-based photovoltaic cells depends on controlling its deposition into films.
26 April 2017
MIT Media Lab develops faster single-pixel camera
New design principles and optimized algorithms enhance the potential uses of lensless imaging systems.
26 April 2017
Karlsruhe Inst of Technology achieves 3D printing of glass
New procedure allows complex forms of glass to be made with micrometer features by 3D-printing.
25 April 2017
Trio of UK laser firms land Queen's Awards
Laser Quantum and M-Squared Lasers win trade accolades alongside laser metrology equipment firm Third Dimension.
25 April 2017
Malte Gather: OLEDs to increase specificity for optogenetic applications