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SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit Presentations

Mark Stanley of NIST, speaking at the SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit

Slides and/or audio from many of the following presenters at the SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit (November 2008) are linked where available.

Keynote Speakers:

Henry Chesbrough
Author, Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology
Executive Director, Center for Open Innovation

Robert Byer
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Applied Physics,Stanford University
Co-Director, Stanford Photonics Research Center
[slides]  [podcast]

John Kao
Author, Innovation Nation
Chairman and CEO, Kao & Co.

Marc G. Stanley
Director, Technology Innovation Program
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
[slides]  [podcast]

Solar technology: Cost competitive by 2012

Richard Swanson, Sun Power, President & Chief Technology Officer
[slides]  [podcast]
Scott Elrod, PARC, Vice President, Director Hardware Systems Labs
[slides]  [podcast]
Peter Borden, Applied Materials, DMTS
[slides]  [podcast]

Biophotonics: Innovation in process and procedure

David Benaron, Spectros Corporation, CEO
Jean-Luc Vanderheyden, GE Healthcare, Global Molecular Imaging Leader
Barbara Paldus, Finesse, CEO

The Next, Next Generation of Lighting: LEDS and OLEDs

Peter Visser, Philips Lighting, Project Manager, OLLA Project
George Craford, Lumileds, CTO

The Paths to Funding

Jennifer Ernst, PARC, Director of Business Development
[slides]  [podcast]
John Lushetsky, U.S. Department of Energy, Program Manager, Solar Energy Technology Program
[slides]  [podcast]
Terry Jester, Hudson Clean Energy Partners, Entrepreneur in Residence
[slides]  [podcast]