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Illumination & Displays

CEI Grid_William Burgess
The days of the Xenon lamp are numbered

A new generation of light sources for cinema comes of age.

Jurgen Beyerer, Fraunhofer

Jürgen Beyerer of Fraunhofer discusses machine vision and machine learning.

14 August 2018

Photonics for a Better World.

2 August 2018
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

The US Trade Representative has announced a process for US companies to request permission to continue importing targeted items on a duty-free basis.

20 July 2018
VLT_Rachel Berlowitz

Adaptive optics at Paranal Observatory give satellite-quality images from surface of Earth.

27 June 2018
SPIE CEO Kent Rochford

SPIE's new CEO Kent Rochford, formerly of NIST, stepped into his new role 1 June. We asked Rochford to discuss his views on SPIE and the world of optics and photonics.

11 June 2018
Novel optics for ultrafast camera creates new imaging methods
MIT develops "time-folded" optics for ultrafast cameras: captures image at multiple depths simultaneously in one shutter click.
15 August 2018
Terahertz tech reveals semiconductor laser mechanism
Leeds University-led international team shows how single lasing wavelength gets selected.
15 August 2018
MIT develops optical textiles for comms and biomedical apps
Novel technique incorporates fiber and opto-diodes into wearable material creating washable "smart" fabrics.
10 August 2018
Jenoptik ups revenue and earnings in first half of 2018
Outlook for the full year raised by Executive Board; company upgrades Berlin diode laser production facilities.
9 August 2018
Richard B. Gunderman: Learning to See

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06 April 2018