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Illumination & Displays

Multi-projection 3D displays using multiplexing techniques in autostereoscopic displays

Autostereoscopic (glasses-free) displays provide perspectives of images according to the position of the observer.

SPIE Fellow Joseph Shaw shows how to observe and photograph optical phenomena from aloft. (An SPIE Professional article).

28 July 2017

SPIE Classics celebrates the 100th anniversary of Nikon.

25 July 2017

The magic of photonic circuitry. (An SPIE Professional article).

24 July 2017
New ways to manipulate tiny devices by mass-transfer micro-assembly will open a world of possibilities for flat panel displays.
27 June 2017
Aluminum gallium nitride LEDs with glass electrodes can deliver high luminous efficiency in the UV region owing to low contact resistance and high transmittance.
26 June 2017
SPIE chief Eugene Arthurs to retire next year
Industry veteran to step down after 18 years as the optics and photonics society’s executive director and CEO.
28 July 2017
Philips Lighting: LED-based sales now 63% of total
Recent developments include 'world’s largest LED horticultural project' to increase fruit and vegetable yields in Russia.
24 July 2017
UK’s EPIC center rescheduled for 2019 launch
Application finally made to build Torbay-based photonics R&D facility after two-year delay blamed on Brexit.
19 July 2017
UK Parliamentary Group highlights photonics' benefits and needs
Reconstituted political forum develops strategy for new government's decision-making, spending priorities.
19 July 2017
Harald Hass: Progress in LED technology removes barriers for LiFi communication