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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Polarized aerial imaging by retroreflection for 2.5D floating image displays
A new optical design based on retroreflectors provides mid-air floating images over tabletop projection screens, and enables users to interact with digital objects beyond the 2D surface.
Thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials, as alternatives to phosphorescent materials, are used in a modified device architecture that is promising for low-cost and highly efficient displays and lighting.
10 May 2016
DNA can align liquid crystal molecules, providing a convenient and inexpensive template for the fabrication of new LCD devices.
25 April 2016
The use of distributed Bragg reflectors in remote-phosphor white-LED packaging significantly improves luminous efficiency and reduces deviation of the correlated color temperature.
20 April 2016
A new hardware-accelerated projective transformation engine is embedded within a high-speed digital light processing projector.
18 April 2016
A novel set of nanowire-based techniques enables the development of blue, green, and red LEDs, and shows promise for advanced display applications.
6 April 2016
CSEM extends PV cleanroom and production lab
Swiss photovoltaics center working on cheaper high-performance silicon solar cells adds 1100 square meters of development space.
20 May 2016
TeraView works with Cambridge to improve drug discovery
Terahertz specialist and university looking at body’s take-up of amorphous, low-solubility drugs.
18 May 2016
European Commission backs €1BN quantum technologies 'flagship'
Digital Economy commissioner Günther Oettinger outlines plans for a major new innovation program at event in Delft.
17 May 2016
Photonics developments dominate Fraunhofer awards
Novel solar cells and mini-projector technologies winners at Germany’s technology showcase awards.
17 May 2016
Ifor Samuel: Coherence and control of light emission from organic semiconductors