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2016 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Hologram interaction based on brain wave measurement
Visual stimuli and brain wave measurement techniques combined with a holographic display system enable human interaction with 3D content.
Monolithic LED arrays facilitate spatial control of light emission and adjustment of the electrical properties of the source.
1 February 2016
The photorefraction of IR light and astigmatism from a cylindrical lens are used to assess variations in the human eye as a function of perceived depth information.
8 January 2016
Thermally activated delayed fluorescence can be achieved by the formation of an exciplex via intermolecular charge transfer between a donor and an acceptor to give highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes.
6 January 2016
Additive manufacturing by laser melting offers a new and cost-efficient way to produce optical freeform surfaces, with applications such as automotive lighting.
29 December 2015
LiFi in the office (Velmenni)

With LiFi's arrival on the horizon, does this mean lights out for WiFi? Exploring the LED's future as a communication link.

17 December 2015
Heliatek sets new record OPV efficiency of 13.2%
Solar film pioneer says it is well on the way towards achieving 15% efficient organic solar cells.
9 February 2016
Mitsubishi air quality sensor detects dangerous particulates
Laser device with double-sided mirror measures density of tiny 'PM2.5' particles implicated in urban ill health.
9 February 2016
Twente achieves super-sharp images from fiber endoscopes
European project achieves lensless imaging of human body interiors through thin optical fibers.
3 February 2016
Silicon photonics 'will not disrupt market until after 2020'
Analyst LightCounting says SiP developers – and markets – must wait longer for “next big thing” to happen.
3 February 2016
Ifor Samuel: Coherence and control of light emission from organic semiconductors