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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Random phase-free computer holography
A proposed technique provides a simple and computationally inexpensive method for enhancing the spatial resolution and reducing the speckle noise of reconstructed images.
A novel super-multiview effect simulator can be used to simultaneously project up to four different-view images to each eye of a viewer.
29 August 2016
Optically anisotropic liquid crystal polymer layers are used in each resonant cavity of a resonator array to achieve image selection by polarization for low-cost security labels.
25 August 2016
A novel device architecture is used to simultaneously achieve extremely high internal quantum efficiencies, low drive voltages, and long lifetimes, at practical luminance levels.
24 August 2016
Two-photon spectroscopy reveals that deep-UV light emission originates from phonon-assisted transitions in hexagonal boron nitride.
10 August 2016
Low-coherence interferometry is used in combination with a hand-held probe for purposes of precision metrology and quality control.
29 July 2016
UK conference to show how business can capitalize on photonics
Southampton's Future Photonics Hub to present wisdom of Payne, Rickman and Reed in free event on September 13th.
25 August 2016
Luminaires outshine lamps in 2015 global lighting market - analyst
As unit prices for LED lamps fall, revenue will also decline from 2019, says IHS Markit. Also: Nichea leading LED sector sales.
23 August 2016
ColorChip raises further $20m venture capital
Investment to support its "System on Glass" transceivers destined for the booming data center market.
18 August 2016
UV-LED maker Nikkiso buys AquiSense in $9.3M deal
US-based AquiSense, which specializes in UV disinfection modules, becomes subsidiary of large Japanese industrial firm.
16 August 2016
Bernard Kress plenary: Designing the next generation of wearable displays