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Illumination & Displays

A high-directional LED system to form holographic light patterns
A unique LED lighting system uses an image-expanding optical mechanism to form light patterns for entertainment and safety applications.
High-luminance, chip-scale, packaged LEDs enable significantly smaller vehicle headlights that have new dynamic functions.
16 September 2016
Novel mixed organic, dimensionally tuned, quasi-2D thin perovskite films have enhanced stability and excellent optoelectronic characteristics.
2 September 2016
A novel super-multiview effect simulator can be used to simultaneously project up to four different-view images to each eye of a viewer.
29 August 2016
Optically anisotropic liquid crystal polymer layers are used in each resonant cavity of a resonator array to achieve image selection by polarization for low-cost security labels.
25 August 2016
A novel device architecture is used to simultaneously achieve extremely high internal quantum efficiencies, low drive voltages, and long lifetimes, at practical luminance levels.
24 August 2016
SPIE hails UNESCO support for annual Day of Light
Global enthusiasm for proposal to establish “International Day” as legacy of IYL 2015.
21 October 2016
Sicoya wins European Photonics startup challenge
Silicon photonics specialist recognized at Micro Photonics, the new Berlin expo.
19 October 2016
ESO achieves 'highest resolution' image of Eta Carinae
VLT Interferometer captures raging winds in famous massive stellar system, using Doppler Effect.
19 October 2016
Oxford PV to build perovskite demo line with new cash
£8.7M equity investment for university spin-out, with additional series C funding expected by the end of the year.
19 October 2016
Bernard Kress plenary: Designing the next generation of wearable displays