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Illumination & Displays

Novel glasses-free tabletop 3D imaging technology for collaborative applications
With fVisiOn, multiple people can view 5cm-tall full-color interactive computer-generated images over a full 360° range.
Photonics West_thumb

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily: The OPTO plenary talks at SPIE Photonics West explored the promise of technology from controlling thermal radiation, quantum dots, and LiFi - wireless communication using visible light.

17 February 2017
Photonics West_thumb

From the SPIE Photonics West Show Daily:The first-ever neurophotonics plenary session at Photonics West featured 10 rapid-fire presentations covering the broad spectrum of current neurophotonics R&D.

16 February 2017
A purely organic p–n junction is used as the luminescent center in a novel planar device that exhibits a high external quantum efficiency and an extremely low driving voltage.
7 February 2017
Luminophores that consist of carbazolyl and benzonitrile moieties and are shielded by tert-butyl units, are included in novel blue molecules that exhibit high external quantum efficiencies and long lifetimes.
11 January 2017
A novel device is a reversed version of a standard light-field camera and can be used to reconstruct a 3D volume image from a 2D data set.
9 January 2017
IDT to buy GigPeak to better deliver optical comms
$250m deal creates "new franchise" in optical interconnect; extends IDT’s lead in comms and cloud data center markets.
16 February 2017
Solar power surge sees US records tumble
In 2016, more photovoltaic capacity was added to the US grid than any other electricity source.
15 February 2017
QCL-based THz sources generate 'record' ultrashort pulses
TUW and ETHZ researchers add lateral absorber to laser resonator, creating emission bandwidth across a full octave.
15 February 2017
Finnish group developing large-area LED lighting films
Low cost, high-speed and quality lighting sources suit vehicle and architectural lighting applications.
15 February 2017
Bernard Kress plenary: Designing the next generation of wearable displays