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Illumination & Displays

Nitride-nanowire-based flexible LEDs
A novel fabrication procedure is used to produce flexible devices that include inorganic semiconductor nanowires and that can compete with organic devices in terms of brightness.

A new color microcapsule stepwise transfer process for fabricating full-color electrophoretic displays produces the widest color gamut for these devices to date.

25 May 2017

Space technologies find their place in healthcare applications. (An SPIE Professional article.)

20 April 2017
A tactile display that enables stimulus localization, based on a 240Hz electrostatic force generated by the beat phenomenon, can present tactile sensations to multiple users.
28 March 2017
Practical and high-image quality flexible LCDs can be realized through the use of polymer wall spacers, a coat-debond process for ultrathin substrates, as well as optical compensation for plastic substrates.
19 March 2017
An improved analysis method shows that Auger recombination and series resistance are the major causes of wall-plug efficiencies of less than 40%.
3 March 2017
Technica establishes new FBG manufacturing facility in Singapore
US-based FBG devices developer significantly grows its optical sensors product capabilities in SE Asia.
26 May 2017
Laser method analyzes radiation damage to materials
MIT's “more dynamic” photonics-based technique reveals damage radiation causes to engineering structures.
25 May 2017
AMOLED TV panel shipments to exceed 10M units by 2023
But analyst IHS Markit warns that "premium" TV market is where the action is, rather than much larger "high-end" TV market.
25 May 2017
NASA ditches Earth observation missions amid 'troubling' US science budget
Trump proposals slammed but space agency and others remain committed to some key optics-related developments, including LIGO and telescopes.
24 May 2017
Harald Hass: Progress in LED technology removes barriers for LiFi communication