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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Volumetric display created by holographic laser drawing
The number of voxels in a volumetric display is increased using holographic laser drawing with a computer-generated hologram and a multilayer fluorescent screen is used to generate a multicolored display.
An approach that uses a two-way LC lens and novel pixel arrangement enables 3D properties suitable for landscape and portrait displays.
22 July 2016
Interference lithography for mastering and nanoimprint lithography as a microstructure replication technology offer scalability for applications in photovoltaics as well as lighting and displays.
19 July 2016
Light emission occurs from a metal-free region in a proposed structure, which reduces optical losses and power dissipation, and opens up the possibility of realizing an electrically driven organic laser.
15 June 2016
A novel process obtains high-performing single-layer perovskite LEDs that can be fabricated easily and economically in ambient conditions.
10 June 2016
Metal organic vapor phase deposition on etched 4-inch-diameter sapphire wafers is used to create low-defect-density gallium nitride templates.
3 June 2016
Philips Lighting buoyant as LED sales tick up
Stock holds recent gains following initial public offering earlier this summer.
26 July 2016
Nanoco signs long-term deal on cadmium-free quantum dots
UK firm signs non-exclusive seven-year agreement with Taiwan’s Wah Hong Industrial.
26 July 2016
Facebook Connectivity Lab sensor enables optical wireless comms
With data rates of more than 2Gbits/s, new approach in photodetection could simplify free-space optics.
20 July 2016
THz systems sales to grow at 16% through 2020
Analyst Tematys reveals market drivers and which technologies suit each application.
19 July 2016
Ifor Samuel: Coherence and control of light emission from organic semiconductors