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Illumination & Displays

DNA as a template for liquid crystal displays
DNA can align liquid crystal molecules, providing a convenient and inexpensive template for the fabrication of new LCD devices.
The use of distributed Bragg reflectors in remote-phosphor white-LED packaging significantly improves luminous efficiency and reduces deviation of the correlated color temperature.
20 April 2016
A new hardware-accelerated projective transformation engine is embedded within a high-speed digital light processing projector.
18 April 2016
A novel set of nanowire-based techniques enables the development of blue, green, and red LEDs, and shows promise for advanced display applications.
6 April 2016
Metal organic chemical vapor deposition is used to grow aluminum gallium nitride interlayers within indium gallium nitride/gallium nitride multi-quantum well structures on silicon substrates.
30 March 2016
The windshield-refracted augmented reality projector is used to achieve hyperreality performance with free depth perception, high visibility, and low eye fatigue.
24 March 2016
ESO’s Guide Star Facility now fully operational
Chile-based facility upgrade features four Toptica guide star lasers.
29 April 2016
European Research Council splashes €4m on photonics projects
Two grants have been awarded to biological imaging and laser material research projects in Germany.
27 April 2016
Laser scanner spots metal-rich minerals from underwater vehicle
Developed by four-year ROBUST project, the LZH system uses LIBS, like ExoMars probe.
27 April 2016
Sentinel 1B launched to complete radar pair
ESA fires satellite into orbit to extend laser communications and advanced imaging capability for earth scanning.
26 April 2016
Ifor Samuel: Coherence and control of light emission from organic semiconductors