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Illumination & Displays

Virtual and Augmented Reality Tech Joins the Fight against Crime

AR and VR infiltrate shady criminal worlds and are beginning to tackle terrorism.

SPIE PW orange

The latest developments in optics and photonics technologies.

5 March 2019
Tromberg lab group

Bruce Tromberg on the rise of biophotonics, merging multi-disciplinary approaches, and his new role at the NIH.

4 March 2019

Standing room only at two-day conference on headsets, drones, and smart cars in the future "Photonic City."

25 February 2019
GE AI imaging

Machines should do the tedious, monotonous, and time-consuming tasks, so that humans can take healthcare to the next level.

14 February 2019
Pierre-Alexandre Blanche

Head-up displays have been in use by military aircraft for decades, but like a lot of interesting technology developed for the military, they're moving into the commercial space.

19 November 2018
Oxford PV raises further £31m in funding
Series D funding round will enable perovskite solar tech developer to move into "commercialization phase".
15 March 2019
OFC 2019 closes with focus on 800G optical links, 'real-world' 5G
Expo showcased technical research, many new commercial solutions, plus live multivendor demonstrations.
14 March 2019
ORC's Silicon Photonics group partners with CompoundTek for design
Associated fabrication facilities located in Southampton's Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics.
13 March 2019
Scientists at TU Vienna develop ‘random anti-laser’
Laser concept is time-reversed: light source becomes perfect light absorber; device could offer applications in mobile and medical.
13 March 2019
Richard B. Gunderman: Learning to See