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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Wellness engineering and health management: a video interview with Harold H. Szu

Harold Szu discusses wellness engineering and how technology developed for the military can help monitor diseases such as diabetes.

16 August 2007, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3200708.0002

Dr. Harold H. Szu works for the Office of Naval Research and is affiliated with The George Washington and Howard Universities.

Dr. Szu discusses wellness engineering, nanorobots, diabetes, and how military technology will help early-warning health management in this video interview.

The current health care system serving 78 million aging Baby Boomers is no longer sustainable. A high-tech safety net is needed to enhance the timeliness of early correct treatment of health issues. Wellness engineering adopts military surveillance know-how in designing an early-warning health-management system, consisting of smart sensor pairs for point-of-care surveillance.

Szu is a Fellow of SPIE, OSA, IEEE, and a member of Russian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences. He has chaired numerous conferences related to Wavelets, including the annual conference "Independent Component Analyses, Wavelets, Unsupervised Nano-Biomimetic Sensors and Neural Networks" at the SPIE Defense + Security Symposium.  

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