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Lasers & Sources

Chunlei Guo: Using femtosecond lasers to create new material properties

Femtosecond lasers are used to study laser-matter interactions.

17 February 2016, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3201602.03

Chunlei Guo is a professor in The Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester. He heads the High Intensity Femtosecond Laser Lab and his research focuses on studying laser-matter interactions at high intensities.

His research led to the discoveries of a range of highly functionalized materials through laser processing, including the black and colored metals, and superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic surfaces. These technologies have a broad range of applications and have garnered extensive media coverage.

He is a member of SPIE and a fellow of the American Physical Society and Optical Society of America.