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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Using a superfluid to image its own vortices

The singly quantized vortices in superfluids can provide an ‘atomic theory’ of turbulence (for which there is no general theory), enabling a ‘video camera’ operating at ∼100 microkelvin to image vortices.

Radio frequency reflections can be used to capture a human figure through occlusions.
25 January 2016
Non-invasive imaging through scattering media is achieved with the use of patterned illumination and single-pixel photodetection.
18 January 2016
A compact system for 2D and 3D sensing has been built using semiconductor and microelectromechanical systems components.
15 January 2016
Errors in the detection of phase changes by optical coherence tomography can be reduced significantly by using volumetric recording of images and digital image-processing techniques.
13 January 2016
The photorefraction of IR light and astigmatism from a cylindrical lens are used to assess variations in the human eye as a function of perceived depth information.
8 January 2016
Alexander Oraevsky: Optoacoustic imaging overcomes challenge of scattering in tissue