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Defense & Security

Multimedia presentations: SPIE Remote Sensing and SPIE Security + Defence 2016 industry presentations

These presentations cover the on the latest directions and promising breakthroughs in defense and remote sensing technologies.

A novel laser ablation in liquids approach, with ultrashort laser pulses, is used to fabricate substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of secondary explosive molecules.
18 October 2016
A novel smooth pursuit tracking method can be used to accurately track small targets in aerial videos.
6 October 2016
Robotic ‘tongues’ that have continuous and compliant backbones enable robots to grasp objects that are otherwise difficult or infeasible to capture when using parallel jaw grippers.
26 September 2016
The shared-aperture phased antenna array and geometric phase concepts are combined in a novel technique to obtain photonic spin-controlled multifunctional devices.
19 September 2016
State-of-the-art non-lethal weapons, munitions, and devices are produced as part of the US Department of Defense's Non-Lethal Weapons Program.
14 September 2016
The use of minimum resolvable contrast measurements enables a uniform approach to characterizing imaging sensor performance in the visible, near-IR, and shortwave IR spectral ranges.
31 August 2016
SPIE hails UNESCO support for annual Day of Light
Global enthusiasm for proposal to establish “International Day” as legacy of IYL 2015.
21 October 2016
Novel laser makes atomic clock '100 times sharper'
JILA team has now built the super-radiant design based on strontium atoms that it first proposed four years ago.
14 October 2016
Optics societies welcome changes to US export regulations
SPIE and OSA say amendment to ITAR rules will ease overhead burden on smaller companies, although another call for industry responses looms.
12 October 2016
Analyst sees $1.8BN market for Raman by 2021
Rapid growth in life sciences applications behind sharp rise in demand for the spectroscopic technique.
7 October 2016
Bruce Wallace: Degraded visual environments present challenges for DARPA