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Defense & Security

SPIE DCS  2017 Plenary
Presentations from SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2017

These recordings cover the latest directions and promising breakthroughs in defense and sensing technologies.

SPIE Classics celebrates the birth of the laser -- 57 years ago this month.

16 May 2017

3D printing in space could have repercussions in manufacturing, machining, and space exploration.

26 April 2017

Optical technology defends against counterfeit drugs. (An SPIE Professional magazine article.)

7 April 2017

This SPIE Press Book excerpt focuses on UAV imaging platforms.

6 April 2017
A new technique that computes the eigenmodes of the eddy-current problem provides an aid to classification using broadband electromagnetic induction sensors.
29 March 2017
A new robust tool for estimating the 3D position of targets with sub-metric accuracy has been successfully tested on remotely sensed satellite data.
10 March 2017
Metamaterials deal to 'bring laser protection to civil aviation'
Memorandum of understanding with Airbus subsidiary will see optical filters distributed to commercial market next year.
22 June 2017
European Space Agency OK's gravity-wave mission
Ambitious plan to detect gravitational waves in space using laser interferometry penciled in for 2034 launch.
21 June 2017
Physik Instrumente lands ELT actuator contract
Nearly 800 quarter-tonne segments of giant primary mirror will be controlled by PI’s position actuators.
21 June 2017
Photonics makes a mark at Paris Air Show
Sensors and systems from Raytheon, Sofradir and Oxsensis unveiled at giant aerospace exhibition.
20 June 2017
Josh Holly: Involvement in public policy key for optics and photonics industry