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OPIE 2017

OPIC 2017



Defense & Security

Imaging the near-Earth space environment
A new instrument operates in the far-UV wavelength range and is compatible with a range of satellite platforms for science and space-operation support endeavors.
3D curved waveguides, cut from tapered fiber faceplates, are combined with spherical optics to make a compact, 125 Mpixel/frame, 360° video camera that is useful for immersive virtual reality content.
15 December 2016
A novel synergetic approach enables the identification of large-amplitude, short-period internal solitary waves from high-rate satellite altimeter data.
5 December 2016
An adapted processing chain enhances targets of interest in camera images that have a non-static background, and can thus enable longer-range classification and identification of ships.
29 November 2016
Characterizing the spectral features of exhaust gases via IR hyperspectral detection enables the standoff detection of distant ships.
22 November 2016
In the Active Learning in Optics and Photonics program teachers are taught inquiry-based strategies, and low-cost optics technologies are brought to the classroom.
21 November 2016
Upgraded VLT to hunt for 'habitable' exoplanets
Private backer Breakthrough Initiatives to pay for new mid-infrared adaptive optics capability.
10 January 2017
MBDA team confirmed for £30M UK laser weapon demonstrator
Ministry of Defence selects 'Dragonfire' consortium, with full laser weapons capability earmarked for mid-2020s.
6 January 2017
ADB Safegate wins Best Swedish Optics & Photonics Company 2016
Airplane safety and handling systems developer recognized by PhotonicSweden for innovation, cost-saving, and business growth.
5 January 2017
Elbit lands $35M laser designator deals
Israeli arms firm to supply airborne targeting systems to two unspecified Asia-Pacific customers.
3 January 2017
Development of terahertz devices opens doors for numerous applications