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OPIE 2017

OPIC 2017



Defense & Security

Raman spectroscopy for drug safety

Optical technology defends against counterfeit drugs. (An SPIE Professional magazine article.)

This SPIE Press Book excerpt focuses on UAV imaging platforms.

6 April 2017
A new technique that computes the eigenmodes of the eddy-current problem provides an aid to classification using broadband electromagnetic induction sensors.
29 March 2017
A new robust tool for estimating the 3D position of targets with sub-metric accuracy has been successfully tested on remotely sensed satellite data.
10 March 2017
Relaxing the assumptions behind many existing approaches to aerial perching and manipulation requires novel solutions using onboard sensors and processing.
8 March 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt addresses the unique challenges of unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.

27 February 2017
US team claims 'synthetic aperture' imaging advance
Researchers lay 'key groundwork' towards practical implementation of resolution-boosting approach analogous to radar technique.
20 April 2017
Airborne sensors: challenges and opportunities
SPIE DCS 2017 panel session on miniaturized mobile spectrometers sees early applications in gas pipelines shifting to conflict zones in the future.
18 April 2017
SPIE DCS 2017: advice from Washington - engage, from Trump to City Hall
Photonics industry urged by lobbyist to keep an eye on Jared Kushner, amid potential opportunities in infrastructure, defense and medicine.
14 April 2017
SPIE DCS 2017: UK 'leading' quantum tech transition
But industry panel session in Anaheim hears that most quantum applications - particularly computing - remain a long way off.
12 April 2017
Josh Holly: Involvement in public policy key for optics and photonics industry