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SPIE Security + Defence 2016 | Call for Papers

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Defense & Security

Hacking energy-time-entanglement quantum key distribution using classical light
Post-selecting energy-time-entanglement quantum key distribution systems are vulnerable to security attacks where the hacker can infiltrate without leaving a trace.
Combining a plasmonic photomixer with a novel two-section digital distributed feedback laser diode enables generation of high-power, wavelength-tunable terahertz radiation at room temperature.
19 April 2016
A collaboration between the US government, industry, and academia would present an opportunity for individual partner capabilities to be exchanged and harnessed.
22 March 2016
A variant of Raman spectroscopy allows detection and identification of concealed material without affecting the sample, showing promise as a defense technique.
8 March 2016

A new architecture, based on a single optical parametric oscillator, is used to produce entanglement between qumode optical fields.

25 February 2016
Multimodal sensors enhance chemical selectivity and reduce false-positive/negative signals in explosive vapor detection.
24 February 2016
e2v to develop CMOS detectors for new weather satellites
Sensors will offer extended spectral range that will also help climate forecasting.
26 April 2016
SPIE DCS 2016: DARPA evokes The Matrix with brain implant project
Thought zero-power brain implants were a Hollywood fantasy? Not if DARPA succeeds in research now under way.
22 April 2016
Photonics firms recognised in Queen's Awards for exports and innovation
Among more than 240 British businesses celebrating monarch’s 90th birthday with awards.
21 April 2016
SPIE DCS 2016: explosives detector could save lives
Alakai Defense Systems now taking orders for Raman equipment featuring ultraviolet excitation.
20 April 2016
Optical fabrication, coating and integration: step by step

Princeton Infrared Technologies