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Defense & Security

Virtual and Augmented Reality Tech Joins the Fight against Crime

AR and VR infiltrate shady criminal worlds and are beginning to tackle terrorism.


fNIRS technology creates an increasingly sophisticated connection between brain and computer.

1 January 2019
Jennifer Douris O’Bryan

Quantum, AI, Navigation, and Biotechnology are among the listed technologies (updated).

12 December 2018
Detail of InSight

We look forward to learning more about Mars as InSight's scientific operations commence.

7 December 2018
Andrew Forbes Lab

Andrew Forbes of University of Witwatersrand on photonics, globe-crossing collaborations, and the pleasures of mentorship.

5 December 2018
Lasing everywhere

Malte Gather's Soft Matter Photonics group at University of St. Andrews is working on technology that will allow you to shoot laser beams out of your eyes.

21 November 2018
L3 division wins $26M contract to deliver weapon sights
US Special Operations Command to receive updated version of holographic sights.
17 January 2019
NASA: back-up electronics should return Hubble camera to operations
Agency says US government shutdown not expected to impact recovery plan for ‘Wide Field Camera 3’.
14 January 2019
National Photonics Initiative applauds US Senate as quantum legislation passes
National Quantum Initiative wins bipartisan backing for plan to establish quantum sector in the US.
17 December 2018
Lumibird raises €7.8M; eyes new laser technology
French photonics company says new share issue was five-times oversubscribed.
14 December 2018

Timothy Day: Good causes make for great business in photonics

SPIE Newsroom
12 January 2019