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Defense & Security

Decoding hidden light-field information to see around corners
The complex paths of scattered light that are typically ignored in imaging can be analyzed using time-of-flight imaging systems.
A broadband approach enables interoperable communications within legacy private mobile radio networks and creates the potential for many novel products, services, functionalities, and real-time applications.
12 July 2016
Material-specific spectral signatures are produced in a new methodology that enables simpler standoff detection.
11 June 2016
A new concept of combined disaster mitigation and sustainable engineering is illustrated through a number of proposed tsunami and river flooding protection schemes.
7 June 2016
Single-point terahertz inspection and time-domain terahertz reflection tomography methods are used in a new anomaly detection system that has high detection probabilities and low false alarm rates.
28 May 2016
An eye-safe, mid-IR hyperspectral active standoff detection system provides identification, detection, and confident quantification of chemical mixtures.
18 May 2016
Photonics showcased at SPIE defense and security meeting
Edinburgh conference will give updates on practice, research and commercial potential of photonics and sensing to the military and security services.
20 July 2016
NASA team investigates nanotube mirror for CubeSat telescope
Tiny telescopes fitted with off-the-shelf spectrometers and imagers could be used as exploratory tools in advance of major astronomy missions.
18 July 2016
BAE Systems develops laser airspeed sensor for aircraft
UV-based “LASSI” system more accurate and sturdy than conventional pitot systems.
14 July 2016
UK opens £20m funding competition for quantum technologies
Business-led development and commercialization proposals worth up to £2m each are invited.
14 July 2016
Advanced Platforms for Sensing in the Air, Space, Maritime/Undersea, and Ground Domains

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