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Defense & Security

Coded apertures for faster x-ray scatter imaging
A new computational imaging approach to x-ray tomography enables real-time material identification of complex objects from a single measurement.
With an increasing number of microphone and reflector array elements, photoacoustic signals can be enhanced and noise can be suppressed, without an increase in detection time.
17 August 2016
Technology testing has been used to demonstrate a new sensor system that is applicable for high-throughput security screening of people and vehicles.
15 August 2016
The complex paths of scattered light that are typically ignored in imaging can be analyzed using time-of-flight imaging systems.
20 July 2016
A broadband approach enables interoperable communications within legacy private mobile radio networks and creates the potential for many novel products, services, functionalities, and real-time applications.
12 July 2016
Material-specific spectral signatures are produced in a new methodology that enables simpler standoff detection.
11 June 2016
NASA mission to map asteroid using lidar and spectrometers
'OSIRIS-REx' craft featuring lidar, optical spectroscopy and near-IR imaging kit will also return sample to Earth for analysis.
22 August 2016
Gaia set for first data release after optics fixes
Problems with stray light and iced-up optics in two years since galaxy-mapping satellite began its survey.
17 August 2016
DARPA project seeks ‘new era’ in optics for defense
US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) looks to break conventions in optical design with ‘EXTREME’ program.
16 August 2016
Earnings up at steady Jenoptik
German optics firm appears well on track to meet 2016 expectations, despite Brexit vote and upheaval in Turkey.
11 August 2016
Advanced Platforms for Sensing in the Air, Space, Maritime/Undersea, and Ground Domains

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