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Defense & Security

Presentations from SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2017

These recordings cover the latest directions and promising breakthroughs in defense and sensing technologies.

28 April 2017, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3201704.05
SPIE DCS  2017 Plenary

Sensing and imaging technologies enabling such wide-ranging applications as machine vision, process control, crop productivity, counter-terrorism, and personalized medicine were showcased at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, 9-13 April.

The largest event for the defense and security community's optics and photonics technology, this conference offered five days of technical talks, courses, workshops, and plenty of opportunity for networking.

The event included the following plenary talks and presentations (slides and audio).

High Resolution Panoramic Thermal Imaging

Austin Richards, FLIR (USA)
Austin Richards

View presentation

LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles: The future of 3D Sensing and Perception 
Louay Eldada Quanergy, CEO and Co-Founder
Louay Eldada 
Quanergy  (USA)

View presentation

Navigating Defense and the Budget in President Trump's Washington 
Josh Holly, Podesta Group (USA)
Josh Holly
Podesta Group (USA)

View presentation

Augmenting Exploration 
Parker Abercrombie, JPL-NASA (USA)
Parker Abercrombie
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA (USA)

View presentation

Photonics and Food: Optical Tools Tackle Food Safety Challenges 
Richard Crocombe, PerkinElmer, Business Program Leader - Portables
Richard Crocombe
Consultant (USA)

View presentation

The Industrial Impacts of Thermal Imaging Drones
Randall Warnas, FLIR (USA)
Randall Warnas  

View presentation

Ethernet Evolution, Are We Ready for 10GigE? 
Mike Fussell, FLIR (USA)
Mike Fussell

View presentation

Innovations in Sensor Positioning 
Lisa Gerbracht, FLIR (USA)
Lisa Gerbracht 

View presentation

The Need for Speed: Next Generation High Speed Infrared Detector Technologies
Chris Bainter, FLIR (USA)
Chris Bainter  

View presentation

Industry panel: Selling Globally: Resources for U.S. Exporters 
logo for DCS 2017 

View presentation