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Defense & Security

DARPA Urban Challenge: Robots' day in the sun

At the DARPA Urban Challenge, autonomous vehicles proved they have a future. This SPIE Newsroom video shows some of the action and talks about the technology.
14 November 2007, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3200711.0001

A new era began in Victorville, California, as 11 driverless vehicles pulled out of the starting gates early in the morning at the DARPA Urban Challenge. By early afternoon, six of them had completed the course successfully -- after 60 miles of interacting with other manned and unmanned vehicles.

Powered by sophisticated software designed to process millions of data points delivered by laser scanners and other optical sensors, the vehicles were required to navigate perfectly through traffic while obeying all signs and speed limits. The closed course, on streets of a deserted residential neighborhood at the former George Air Force Base, was populated by human-driven cars as well as the other autonomous ones.

Watch the video: QuickTime | Windows Media Player

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