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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Digital holographic microscopy to identify cellular biomarkers of psychiatric disorders
Quantitative phase-digital holographic microscopy offers high-throughput label-free detection capabilities for identifying cellular biomarkers of mental disorders.
In the Active Learning in Optics and Photonics program teachers are taught inquiry-based strategies, and low-cost optics technologies are brought to the classroom.
21 November 2016
An amorphous compound, composed of molecular clusters with high optical nonlinearity, enables the generation of continuous-wave white light with the use of a low-cost IR laser diode as the pump source.
18 November 2016
Transfer printing microstructures onto novel hydrogel interfaces and customised composite electrodes could increase the compatibility and information transfer between body tissue and electronic devices.
15 November 2016
A new and versatile method for integrating light-emitting nanoparticles, without loss of their unique properties, into glass is demonstrated.
8 November 2016
A terahertz laser, combined with an uncooled microbolometer camera, is used in a digital holography method to provide improved resolution of skin profiles.
7 November 2016
SPIE chiefs welcome small-business R&D legislation
Future of SBIR and STTR programs secured in compromise agreement for US National Defense Authorization Act.
2 December 2016
SLM enables cheap, wavelength-selectable microscopy
University of Chicago group adapts microscope to permit spectrum-specific observation of target structures.
1 December 2016
VTT creates hyperspectral iPhone camera

Users will be able to monitor health, environment and diverse situations by full-spectrum cellphone.
30 November 2016
Zeiss gets agile with EPFL research deal
Collaboration will see Swiss Federal Institute of Technology receive €1 million from the German optics giant.
29 November 2016
Nishant Mohan: OCT a model for industry and academia collaboration