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Bruker BioSpin

Journal of Medical Imaging | Learn more!

Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Optical plasmonic biosensor for leukemia detection
Long-range surface plasmon polariton waveguides are used in a novel sensor for the detection of kappa and lambda light chain immunoglobulin relative concentrations.
DNA electronic devices can distinguish various forms of DNA damage and are now being used to follow anticancer drug activity.
6 February 2016
Integration of planar nanophotonics and microfluidics offers a new route for high-throughput sorting of bacterial cells in real time.
28 January 2016
Non-invasive imaging through scattering media is achieved with the use of patterned illumination and single-pixel photodetection.
18 January 2016
Errors in the detection of phase changes by optical coherence tomography can be reduced significantly by using volumetric recording of images and digital image-processing techniques.
13 January 2016
Bridging the gap between electronics and biology, bioprotonic devices control protonic currents (H+), which may affect physiological function.
11 January 2016
LZH develops presbyopia laser surgery model
Femtosecond laser 'lentotomy' could become future treatment for the age-related condition that affects close-up vision.
11 February 2016
Holoxica wins €1.3m to develop next-gen 3D medical displays
Holographic imaging pioneer to work with academic, healthcare partners on training and surgical support systems.
10 February 2016
Photonics West to feature BRAIN initiative progress update
Members of the National Photonics Initiative's neuroscience 'task force' to reveal technology progress at San Francisco meeting.
2 February 2016
Quantum dots land a lethal blow on superbugs
University of Colorado project suggests clinical phototherapy as a treatment for drug-resistant infections.
2 February 2016
Din Ping Tsai: Taiwan metamaterials work focuses on biophotonics, energy harvesting

Physik Instrumente

AUREA Technology

Biophotonic Solutions Inc.

Sensors Unlimited