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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

The butterfly proboscis as a fiber-based, self-cleaning microfluidic system
The butterfly proboscis is a unique, naturally engineered device for acquiring liquid food, and may inspire novel developments in micro- and nanofluidic engineering.
Quantum dots exhibit a measurable rapid photoluminescence response to neuron-like electric fields and can thus be used to observe neuronal action potentials.
27 April 2016
Applying optical imaging to cellular mechanisms one cell at a time could improve disease detection and diagnosis.
19 April 2016
Combining stimulated-emission-depletion microscopy with fluorescence-correlation spectroscopy enables the simultaneous confocal and super-resolution monitoring of molecular diffusion.
9 April 2016
A new microfluidics-based 3D tissue culture method facilitates rapid and simultaneous viability measurements on multiple samples, offering the possibility of patient-specific assays.
28 March 2016
A tiny, low-cost evanescent-field biosensor chip with a directly integrated optical detector enables carcinogenic contaminant detection and shows promise for point-of-use application.
21 March 2016
ESO’s Guide Star Facility now fully operational
Chile-based facility upgrade features four Toptica guide star lasers.
29 April 2016
European Research Council splashes €4m on photonics projects
Two grants have been awarded to biological imaging and laser material research projects in Germany.
27 April 2016
MKS: Newport deal set to complete imminently
Dennis Werth lined up for leadership role, with current Newport CEO offered post on the MKS board of directors.
27 April 2016
Coherence switching allows multimodality imaging from one source
Yale University VECSEL-based device offers new versatility in imaging of living systems.
27 April 2016
Multimedia presentations: Plenary talks from SPIE Medical Imaging 2016

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