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Space technology and medicine

Space technologies find their place in healthcare applications. (An SPIE Professional article.)

A number of activities conducted by a support team, including robust calibration and monitoring programs, are used to maintain the observatory's aging instruments and detectors.

30 March 2017
Specifically designed instruments are used on 40 and 60cm telescopes on Mount Haleakala, Hawaii, to study phenomena such as volcanic activity on Io and exoplanetary polarization.
30 January 2017
A new aircraft-certified instrument is suitable for unattended operation on the Polar 6 aircraft, and will ultimately be redesigned as a future microsatellite payload.
4 January 2017
A new instrument operates in the far-UV wavelength range and is compatible with a range of satellite platforms for science and space-operation support endeavors.
20 December 2016
Very low precipitable water vapor levels at the summit of Cerro Chajnantor provide the conditions for good transmittance observations.
30 November 2016
Charles Norton: CubeSats generating excitement for lower costs, quick turnaround, creative research