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CubeSat for investigating ice on the Moon
Lunar Flashlight is an innovative, low-cost mission that will use near-IR lasers to map water ice at the lunar south pole.
Fourth-generation optics involving the spatial modulation of the anisotropy axis in the plane of thin polymer films opens up unprecedented opportunities for imaging and optical communication.
5 February 2016
Delay-stabilized optical fibers are used to link existing small antennas and create a large virtual telescope.
6 January 2016
The wavefront errors of active space telescopes, such as the James Webb Space Telescope, can be reduced with the use of scheduling restrictions or predictive control algorithms that incorporate thermal models.
2 December 2015
Studying the conditions under which a moving refractive index front acts as an analog event horizon and emits photons from the vacuum helps better understand the Hawking emission mechanism.
5 November 2015
Europium-doped strontium iodide is a recently discovered material that may present a good choice for future geochemical investigations of solar system bodies.
23 October 2015
Gravitational wave detection a step closer with Advanced LIGO

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