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All Business News - Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Recently posted business news on optics.org:

Finger-mounted probe reveals elasticity of tissues
University of Western Australia project could assist in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
18 March 2019
MIT imaging system spots tiny tumors
Near-IR DOLPHIN platform could lead to earlier detection of cancers.
12 March 2019
Yale project lets light penetrate opaque media without dispersing
Carefully tailored wavefronts might assist in deep-tissue imaging and optogenetics.
12 March 2019
Raman reveals the tumors most likely to resist radiotherapy
University of Arkansas and Johns Hopkins identify differences between treatment-sensitive and treatment-resistant sites.
6 March 2019
Mauna Kea miniprobe receives FDA approval
Addition to Cellvizio platform will assist imaging of peripheral lung nodules.
6 March 2019
Optimistic Novanta unfazed by China slowdown
Diversified approach and momentum in medical side of business gives confidence for revenue growth in 2019.
28 February 2019
Photoacoustics promises clearer view of human vasculature
Latest work at Caltech reveals angiographic structures in hands, arms, legs, and feet.
26 February 2019
Light therapy offers pain relief after cancer treatment
University at Buffalo will investigate alternatives to prescription opioids for oral ulcers and swelling.
19 February 2019
Non-invasive prostate cancer treatment wins 2019 SPIE Startup Challenge
Photonics-based procedure is less invasive than surgery, only requires local anaesthesia, and takes less than one hour.
13 February 2019
Near-infrared light kills cancer, builds immune response
This NIR photo immune therapy is to be licensed to Rakuten Aspyrian Therapeutics, in San Mateo, California.
13 February 2019