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All Business News

Recently posted business news on optics.org:

$22M round 'will bring augmented reality optics to market'
Diffractive optics developer DigiLens wins backing from some of the electronics industry’s biggest brands.
20 January 2017
3D-printed robot fingertip wins in Soft Robotics contest
Harvard SEAS competition rewards low-cost tactile sensor, artificial fin, deformation sensor and robot "worm".
19 January 2017
ams launches range of low-cost multispectral sensors
On-chip NIR/visible sensors intended to replace bulky benchtop lab analyzers with hand-held equivalents.
19 January 2017
Optical magnetic recording promises cooler data storage
Netherlands-Poland team use laser to write data onto cobalt-doped garnet, with ultra-low thermal cost.
18 January 2017
Velodyne opens lidar 'megafactory'
San Jose facility set to churn out a million lidar sensors in 2018, with a new lab in nearby Alameda.
18 January 2017
Cephalogics awarded US patent for high-density diffuse OCT system
Company has been developing non-invasive, portable system to improve clinicians’ understanding of brain blood-flow.
18 January 2017
ASML's EUV tool backlog hits €2BN
Orders for more production units prompts CEO Peter Wennink to say company is moving into 'next phase' of EUV industrialization.
18 January 2017
Satellite-borne alexandrite laser to aid climate studies
Fraunhofer ILT supporting ALISE project with Leibniz Institute and Airbus Defence & Space to develop pumped alexandrite laser.
17 January 2017
Shanghai team develops 'world's brightest VUV free-electron laser'
Dalian Coherent Light Source offers tunability from 50 nm to 150 nm in the vacuum ultraviolet spectrum.
17 January 2017
New laser diodes promise compact optoacoustic platforms
Project led by the University at Buffalo shows clinical viability of compact lasers for biomedical imaging.
17 January 2017