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All Business News

Recently posted business news on optics.org:

Optogenetics helps reverse alcohol cravings and ease withdrawal
Scripps Research project uses lasers to inactivate specific neurons in rats.
19 March 2019
Finger-mounted probe reveals elasticity of tissues
University of Western Australia project could assist in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
18 March 2019
Multi-wavelength additive manufacturing produces multi-material items
University of Wisconsin-Madison develops optical platform able to solidify different resins in one component.
18 March 2019
Oxford PV raises further £31m in funding
Series D funding round will enable perovskite solar tech developer to move into "commercialization phase".
15 March 2019
New wavemeter promises enhanced sensors and comms networks
University of St Andrews improves existing methods of using speckle to measure wavelength.
15 March 2019
OFC 2019 closes with focus on 800G optical links, 'real-world' 5G
Expo showcased technical research, many new commercial solutions, plus live multivendor demonstrations.
14 March 2019
ORC's Silicon Photonics group partners with CompoundTek for design
Associated fabrication facilities located in Southampton's Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics.
13 March 2019
Scientists at TU Vienna develop ‘random anti-laser’
Laser concept is time-reversed: light source becomes perfect light absorber; device could offer applications in mobile and medical.
13 March 2019
NVIDIA to acquire Mellanox for $6.9 billion
Unites leading players in processing and interconnect for the high performance computing, data center markets.
13 March 2019
Photoacoustics powers light-activated micropump
University of Houston project could open up new uses for microfluidic technology.
13 March 2019