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Micro/Nano Lithography

Howard Ko Plenary presentation: The Evolution of EDA Alongside Rapid Silicon Technology Innovation

Presented at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013

26 February 2013, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.1201302.96

Howard Ko Senior VP and General Manager, Synopsys' Silicon Engineering GroupThe overall product design and manufacturing flow needed to create a new advanced semiconductor device is one of the most economically successful and most complex industrial ecosystems in the world. The ongoing economic success is especially amazing when one considers the enormous changes which occurs in this complex ecosystem every technology generation.

In his talk, "The Evolution of EDA Alongside Rapid Silicon Technology Innovation," Howard Ko provides high-level insight into the continuing evolution the EDA industry has done and must continue to do in order to keep up with the hectic pace of silicon technology innovation.

SPIE attendees know full well the many important difficulties and challenges involved in continuing the rapid pace of cost-effective lithography and silicon process development. Just as critical, however, are the challenges that designers and EDA suppliers face to modify and re-architect their design flows and design tools to best incorporate the outcomes of this rapid technology improvement.

Howard Ko joined Synopsys in 2002 and is currently Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Silicon Engineering Group. He manages products and solutions that address semiconductor manufacturing technology needs. These solutions include TCAD, yield management, failure analysis, mask data preparation, Optical design and analysis, Photonics design, lithography simulation, and mask patterning. In his previous role as Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific, Ko built a continuously increasing revenue stream, improved Synopsys' leadership position in the region, and increased collaboration with leading foundries. Before joining Synopsys, he served as Avant!'s executive operating officer, and was also general manager of Avant!'s mixed technology division and head of the system product line. Ko has also held senior management roles at Analogy, Inc. and Mentor Graphics.