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Micro/Nano Lithography

SPIE Advanced Lithography Video Coverage

Plenary talks, panel provide snapshot of lithography industry: Watch the videos

Plenary speakers and panelists gave their views of the state of the lithography industry at the annual SPIE Advanced Lithography symposium.
12 March 2007, SPIE Newsroom. DOI:

The SPIE Advanced Lithography 2007 symposium is the largest event focusing on R&D in the semiconductor industry. More than 1000 attendees packed the hall to hear speakers and panelists talk about new developments that will shape the industry in the near future.


Nanoscale Patterning Challenges for CMOS Density Scaling 

Johannes M.C. (Hans) Stork, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Texas Instruments Inc.

Collaborative Innovation: IBM's Immersion Lithography Strategy for 65 nm and 45 nm Half-pitch Nodes & Beyond

George A. Gomba, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Director of Lithography Technology Development, IBM Corp.

Lithography Beyond 32 nm: A Role for Imprint?

Mark Melliar-Smith, CEO, Molecular Imprints, Inc.
Panel Discussion:

Virtual Lithography: The Next Generation?

Mircea V. Dusa, ASML MaskTools Inc.
Nigel R. Farrar, CYMER, Inc.
In this panel discussion, nine experts discuss the outlook for automated algorithms, engineering analysis and simulation driving next-generation lithography. Panelists include: Andy Neureuther, Univ of California, Berkeley; Alfred Wong, Magma Design Systems; Neal Callan, Brion Technologies, Inc.; Scott Mansfield, IBM Microelectronics Div.; Tatsuhiko Higashiki, Toshiba; Cyrus Tabery, Advanced Micro Devices; Kurt Ronse, IMEC; Steve Renwick, Nikon Precision; and Koichiro Tsujita, Canon.
Video coverage sponsored by CYMER, Inc.