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Defense & Security

Anti-counterfeiting film


DuPont Advanced Printing (DuPont) introduces a revolutionary new anti-counterfeiting film for packaging, DuPontTM Izon® 3D security film. This new film utilizes DuPont imaging technology and enables the integration of overt anti-counterfeiting features directly onto product packaging or labeling.

Embossed holographic films are typically used to apply anti-counterfeiting features on packaging. However, embossed holographic films are widespread and easy for counterfeiters to copy. Izon® 3D security film utilizes a patented DuPont imaging process to create a look that is clearly differentiated and truly 3D.

New Izon® 3D film's major benefits include:

  • Exclusive 3D features that are clearly visible: The exceptional side dot substantiation design makes verification of complete parallax 3D imaging convenient.
  • Red Security Bright Holographic Icon: An easily distinguishable holographic red "lock" image boosts rapid authentication.
  • Disappearing Image: With an off-angle view of the label, there is the disappearance of the holographic image. This is a superior security feature which is different from conventional embossed foil holograms.
  • Optional Transparent Structure: The manufacture of the film makes room for direct application over bar codes, printed text, or other images. The Izon® strip has some printed information beneath which becomes visible as the box is viewed from an angle or rotated.
  • Deep Image: When a flashlight or any other point light source is used, a semi-covert image would be seen in the background, floating. This ensures effective field verification by enforcement agents and brand protection teams.