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Defense & Security

Terahertz camera


INO will introduce their new terahertz camera, the MICROXCAM-384i-THz, at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, 17 to 21 April in Baltimore.

The MICROXCAM-384i-THz is a terahertz camera that allows live see-through imaging. The MICROXCAM-384i-THz is based on INO's 384 x 288-pixel uncooled microbolometer FPA, and is optimized for the 70-3,189 µm/4.25-0.094 THz waveband.

Due to its longer wavelength, the THz band offers unmatched penetration depth for seeing through materials such as fabric, ceramic, plastic, leather, or cardboard. It provides live video images, letting the user literally see through objects in real time.

This camera is the perfect tool for live detection of concealed objects, security screening, surveillance, and vision through camouflage. Its small footprint makes it easy to manipulate and/or integrate into larger detection systems. It can be further equipped with fast (f-number 0.9) or ultra-fast (f-number 0.7) HRFZ-Si, 44 mm focal length refractive optics optimized for the THz region.